A question thats been bugging me for a while


Its fantastic that Electroneum are getting all these deals with mobile operators that will allow people to pay their mobile phone bills with mined ETN.

But the question I have is what incentive will a bill payer have to buy ETN from an exchange and use it to pay the remanining balance of their bill after using their mined coins?

Will mobile operators give discounts for paying by ETN? For example a 5% discount off your monthly bill if you pay by ETN instead of fiat?

Thanks in advance!


Firstly, we need the most important step, which is using ETN on a daily basis as payment for goods, bills and others. After this becomes more extensive, I am sure they will make some good offers for their clients, in order to attract even more people.


I wonder if they could use some of the % they recieve via the user mining towards a discount to attract more business. They’d still be earning more revenue, and potentially expanding their customer base by being most competitively priced.


People using etn to pay for their phone bill won’t necessarily be buying etn from exchanges
The whole point is for the etn earned through mobile mining will be most beneficial to the unbanked as for example in India the $3 worth of etn mined in a month would pay for most if not all of the etn users phone bill
And the mobile carrier is happy to accept this as a payment option as
1 it’s easy to integrate
2 it’s instant
3 it’s extra revenue tapping in to a mainly untapped market
4the mobile carriers will earn a percentage of etn from each user
So using etn mined is your discount to your bill !
Because it is free to mine
Uses barely and data or battery life
Soon when cloud mining comes in to effect
Will use pretty much 0 data or battery life

That is the incentive
I hope this helps


Ok thanks, makes sense