A proper way to spread the word. Please read

I am sure you all have high hopes for ETN and Electroneum team, you have a valid reason. If you sometimes try to spread the word over different social channels please keep in mind there are many other crypto communities doin the same. ETN is one of few with good fundamentals and a lot of real work on the ground in real world.

If you just spam ETN is best then you are no different from kids shilling their coin. Use the fact that ETN have strong fundamentals that makes the difference. Fundamentals like very few coins out there. Use it. When mentioning ETN try point out the facts.

You should have prepared list of important facts that you can share. Every time you mention ETN you should provide that short list because otherwise you sound like every other kid shilling his bag of coins.

So… Mention amount of registered users, number of countries where you can do mobile top up (its currently around 140 i think), Anytask.com platform, regulatory compliance, very responsible team considering their money management and prioritized spending (many promising ICOs failed because of poor money management in real world).

Make compact list, save it on your desktop so you can share when needed. Just please dont spam and shill around, that doesnt incentivize people to look for more info.

Very true, nice write up.

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Wise words indeed, when the community act professional it helps give the right image to the outside world. It’s very easy to overlook all the amazing things the Electroneum project has achieved in the last 2 years… it’s great if everyone can remind people of this when they let other factors effect their impression of the ETN.

Thanks Morph :+1:

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