A place to wave a hand


Hey folks! This is my first post with regards to my first crypto. I have always been confused with crypto and needed to learn hands on. That’s why I love and support electroneum, it’s a basic way for any person to get into some coin and learn the ropes. I’m not holding a ton, but am proud to say that between mining and trading I’ve successfully brought my balance up to over 2000 coins, with no investment ither than time (and some scotch) it’s this ease, and the community that makes me stick with it.

I created this post for a place to say hello and introduce yourselves!


Hey 1c. Welcome to the forum.

(Also, a small reminder for new accounts: Make sure to change your username in Preferences!)


hi wasawSawasa electronuem


Hello! :slight_smile:


hello! bonjour! hola!


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:️ You said wave your hand lol


Hello cuddlesquid… corn…


Preference accessed
Name changed
I wave again…as…scotcho


Same story here Scotcho, it’s been a fascinating journey for me over the last three months, I’m mining ZEC and converting it to etn. It’s building nicely. I didn’t have a clue about crypto or mining until a friend of mine started to explain it a little. I was a total novice with computers in general before I downloaded the app…then it snowballed and I have a nice little setup. Does anyone else here mine?


Welcome to the forum @Scotcho its nice to see you within ETN’s great community :blush::+1: