A New Look At The Modern Homestead

I commented a week ago on @Jernej thread

touching on the point the video made about only taking debt, if that debt can then provide for you.

So many of us take on a mortgage when buying a home or property and that’s it. We live in it, we buy things for it and it just sits there consuming our money.

We can look at homesteading as a way to turn that property from a consumer to a producer for you and your family. Whether it just provides for some of your needs, or all, or even helps kick off a booming business.

You don’t have to have 10+ of acres to homestead, I don’t. Youtube is filled with people doing it on a 1/4 acre or less. People have found ways even in apartment complexes, many things can be done indoors.

Here’s a podcast to help kick off this discussion:

Let’s earn back some of that mortgage or rent payment!


It’s true that homesteading is traditionally all about gardening/ farming and keeping animals, however I’m also talking about modern homesteading. Technology and networking have given us so much more opportunity to turn that consumer into a producer.

I personally view crypto mining as a valid part of that, albeit not profitable at the moment. My computer, sitting in my home is earning me money without constant input from me, and whether I’m there or not. Thanks @crypto_kangaroo for your pools, and the work maintaining them btw. (I’d like to think ETN will pay my mortgage someday. :money_mouth_face:)

Let’s say you buy broke down cars, fix them in your garage, and sell them for a profit on Craigslist.

How about renting out a room in Air BNB?

What are your ideas?


I used to listen to tsp years ago it was this guy that got me buying silver.

I sold that and bought a 4x4

Nice to see he is still going

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Yea, he just had his 10 year anniversary celebration late last year. He talks honest practical survival and “lifestyle design,” not fear and paranoia. I don’t always agree with him, but I trust that even what I don’t agree with has come from logic and reason. If he’s wrong, he admits it publicly. Don’t get that from most media figures.

5-10% of your net wealth in precious metals :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: is still being taught. All about being diversified. Don’t want to be a one eyed shark :shark:, right @Pahini? He’s also real switched on to crypto and part of why I got into it.

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I havent listened in years , partly due to health and safety at work . No personal radios , phones or any kind of life within a factory , that was 5 years ago so ive not listened since 2012 …

Ill definitely go back , and i still use some of his ideas now. Good bloke

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10 years of factory work here in various roles and I don’t miss it one bit. Nights, swing shift, yuck. We want you to man this line for 12 hours, no radio or anything, good luck staying awake!

Ok I honestly do miss the camaraderie with the group of guys you spend so much time with. We’ve gone to each other’s weddings, parties, hunting trips and even a few funerals. Don’t have that in my current company.

Now that my commute is 30 mins each way, I listen to the podcast then. Funny since he started out recording from his car during his commute. Occasionally put it on while working the garage or outside on the homestead.

I think the first thing I put into place was his long term gas (petrol) storage plan. Our property came with a hardwired in gas generator to power the whole house during an outage. Nobody’s in a hurry to get our power back on as we’re back in the woods on top of a ridge.

The idea is that through the course of the year, you buy 12 - 5 gallon gas cans, one for each month. Each can gets labeled with the current month when you fill it. I.e. “2” for February or whatever you prefer.

Continue this throughout the year and once you’ve completed 12 months, you have 60 gallons on hand. When you get to Feb 2020 dump it your cars tank, bike, etc and get fresh gas. That way your supply is never more than a year old. You can use a stabilizer, but I have yet to.

19 years and 6 months , then i told my boss to go pleasure himself , 12 hr shifts mostly nights 7 days a week , bent over backwards learning everything… got nothing except a broken body so now no work. But hey ho life goes on keep smiling etc.

I miss the laughs too but times move on and so have i and i will not ever return.

Ill definitely look him up again… good times


Im thinking about expanding on the amount of herbs I grow this year. This episode is helping to inspire it. Only grow 6 of the 20 at the moment.

Don’t think you have enough land/ property/ space for a big garden?

How about container gardening? This can be done on an apartment balcony or even a big property. Growing potatoes in containers makes harvesting super easy. Lots of other possibilities.

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Sorry to hear that, that is the hard part of keeping animals.

I was wondering if you also kept birds and now I know. I’m looking at quail for our property, had to put it off for the time being.

I used to think you could “never” compost an animal, but then I saw how Joel Salatin does it all the time…

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My parents used to have 2 chickens that went in the house and acted like dogs.

Lovely animals.

Sorry you lost one .


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