A little tripple bottom on the hourly. (ignore if you dont like TA)


Anyone else noticed a little tripple bottom on the hourly and in general more strength in alts, which could indicate a short term trend reversal. Gotta see if it plays out :slight_smile:


  • Breakout could be in the range of 83-85sat.
  • Target would then be 91sat+
  • Pattern is dead if we break below 75sats.


quite possible :+1:
if the weekly closes above 91 sats, we will have a nice bullish engulfing candle suggesting a possible bullish reversal :pray:


i think there will be some obstacle around 87-88


True. I didn’t even notice that. Currently we are testing the 84sat lvl over and over again. I feel like a breakout could be pretty rapid and almost untradeable. We will see :slight_smile:


I actually dont see any special reason why 87,88sat should act as resistance. That last little bump found resistance at 91sat, excatly where a tripple bottom target could be. So if we break up I would watch that area. Best scenario would be if we break through 91 sat. Like a huge candle to around 100sat maybe and then find support on the 91sat line. This could set us up for more upside. We will see :slight_smile:


On Cryptopia it looks actually more like a double bottom where we already broke out and are heading towards that 91sat. grafik


becoz that’s where the 20-day ma will settled on the daily chart


in traditional markets TA is used to time your trades based on some type of analysis. In crypto it seems as though most trading decisions are based on TA alone… or am I wrong?


actually it is… becoz TA stands for technical analysis


lets wait and see, that scenario would suggest a decent breakout from current falling wedge and most likely spark some fomo again :grin:


I see what you mean. The 20 day MA didnt hold any significance for some time though (No bounces from there). The 10 or 11 day does though. And breaking that would be at 84-85sat. Another reason why a breakout at these levels could be “strong”.


we should be up 25-40% within the next 3-4 weeks

Recent price bump!

Theres finally a positive “manipulation” , saw people selling 5-10 etn at higher price just to go up. Finally


We gently broke through 85sats on kucoin and cryptopia so the pattern is probably in play.


85 at liquid:) and a small peek up to 86 and down to 85


see… 87-88 play some resistance😊


Support holding at 83 would be nice. I think I stop loss around 82-80sat. :slight_smile:


82-83 should be nice… ema and smma hold that position


We would have topped 100 sats today if bitcoin didn’t decide to drop another couple hundred dollars. We were gaining a nice 2-3sats per hour till that happened.


let’s blame the bitcoin for that… few candles and it will recover again…