A friend just helped me

@M-Kid I have received it and I’m grateful .
Help me thank this hero for giving me me 200 ETN as I complained I have few electroneum

Yes yes thanks I’m humble

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Ok man, I am helping you with a bit more, as I have enough.
If this doesn’t show how great this community is, I don’t know what else will.
Hope it will help you.


Yes it would definitely make a change in my life thanks

It is still pending atm.
Not so instant payment, I guess…

Well it will take few minutes I guess

A friend just helped me too :smiley:
Thank you so much @M-Kid your awesome :wink:

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He’s just made my day I never knew he’ll did

He’s just made my day also :grinning: such a nice gesture. Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it.
Thank you so much @M-Kid :+1:

Brother I have received it 400 thank you so much

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Ok man, here it says still pending. Glad I could help.

It’s processing but grateful

Pls if I send some 30$ can you buy me like 3k to 5k? And teach me how I can buy it on phone

I am buying bitcoin first on localbitcoins, then transfer them to Cryptopia and finally withdraw the ETN into my account.
But with $30 you can buy like 300 ETN only. You need $300 for 3000 ETN.

Hmm okay I will b saving for that, just hope the price of electroneum should not go that high so I can buy in the future when get money

Incorrect, $30 can be 3000+ coins. If ETN was 10 cents, then $30 would only get you 300

Yes, I skipped a 0. A bit too late for me, gotta go to sleep. :slight_smile: