A few features that would help ETN

One big one is staking or something of the like. Something along the lines of “interest” for having ETN in an account, without the mining gimmick. ETN is supposed to address the unbanked situation correct?

So rebranding staking as “interest” or bonus rewards I think would have greatly.

ETN direct link to exchange of choice via API in app. It’s not ETN to FIAT, but it makes ETN to FIAT much easier and with less steps.

I have always thought that as well, it could possible make the mobile miner feature indefinite?!?!

I think the mobile miner is there to stay but a few more features could be added. It’s a light app so one or two more features shouldn’t be too bad.

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I agree, but from my understanding. Electroneum has a set amount of ETN set aside for the mobile miner?

I believe so. But where there is a will there is a way.

Thanks for your input it’s great to get some feedback from our community.