A Christmas gift of laughter have a good one


To the team at etn past present and future, the community my amazing new family it’s been a breath of fresh air here , the moderators Your all amazing at what you do , everyone here your all nuts kind and your passion for etn is commendable.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year…

For your pleasure please enjoy…

The g.o.a.t ( greatest of all time ) Christmas songs

We wish you a merry Christmas

Silent night a classic

Another timeless classic

Oh holy night


So to all you lot , have a cracking Christmas and an amazing new year.


All the best …

And peace to all…


Oh and a bit of fun

My cats …

2 in the photo can you spot them both … Lol


If you don’t celebrate Christmas I send happiness and squirrels your way .


Thank you and we love it


Happy Christmas Everyone!


You too!!! Merry Christmas and Happy NY!


Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year for us all !


It’s gong to be very prosperous for etn


@ Emmanuel
How is the new video going please send me the link