A 445 billion dollar market just waiting for the Electroneum solution

Good pointing we can say that if person do KYC lvl 3 that takes only max hours (or in bad scenario DAYS) with YOTI and after some time we will have some service that will make KYC personaly that will be much easier (YOTI is the 1st service but not the last ONE)…
But as for now the tranfer unlimited (after KYC lvl 3) will be the CHEAPEST on the planet and the FASTEST on the planet.
Transfer notification - ONLINE just few seconds that funds are on the WAY
Funds received in MINUTES - after blockchain confirmed the transaction
Price of SENDING (as for now) max 5 ETN * 0,05USD= 0,25USD (maximal) but normal it takes from 0,1ETN up to 0,2ETN so it means 0,15ETN*0,05USD = 0,0075USD :smiley: :smiley: for ONE TRANSACTION so it means incredible cheap
AMAZING HUGE WOW WTF I love you ETN :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:
Other services that are mentioned here we beat for sure in NOTIME: https://www.top10moneytransfer.com/send-money-online/