9 seconds to pay with visa

2 seconds for ETN instant payment…Hmmmm. $100 visa transaction can cost merchant $1.50. $100 ETN transaction can cost consumer a negligable 0.000646. Hmmmmm. Please tell me if I’m wrong. Haha

Don’t know about the time it takes but from experience merchant fee’s are around that. Paypal for example is 3.4% + 20p. The rates get lower the higher the volume of transactions are being processed. You basically hit a threshold over a certain period that allows you discounted rates.

Then they have a $£€1.99 “cross border fee”. Blockchain is about removing the middleman, in this case paypal or some other merchant service.

If I could have used ETN instant payments when i was selling it would have been a no brainer.

They have something really great here. I just hope when vendor fee’s come along in future they are at a rate that keeps it a no brainer.

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