8 points to $5 by January 15th


Since people asked really nicely and I love the ETN Community a lot, I’ve written an updated post of the one I wrote 5 months ago (on the Telegram ETN Price Chat) about why and how we will get to $5 by January 15th (mid January basically):

  1. We need to have a Bull Run (which is likely to happen since we have had one these last three years during Christmas).

  2. IPS needs to work (now it looks like it does 100%).

  3. ETN needs to have launched to the potential 105 Million users with the current VMNO (Telecoms) deals + My guess of an extra 200 Million user reach granted by the unannounced “Monster Deals”. I expect at least a 10% adoption rate in the first 3 months. Also, we need Cloud Mining on Android since 3rd World countries don’t always have 4G/WiFi access to the Internet on their phones.

  4. People that will have adopted ETN in the 3rd World via the Telecom deals will need to be able to spend it in their local shops. In those countries, the 3 dollars they get for free per month is like 166 dollars per month for an American (1 is worth a lot more over there = they get to buy more bread with it there than in America). This means that local shops will have an incentive to capture that new money that was just injected into the market: They would, for example, accept euros (€) if a lot of people in that area got free euros (€) per month worth 3 dollars (166 for Americans). ETN’s API looks solid and integration appears to be easy enough with the “Receive” function on the phone App.

  5. Once all of this happens, 2 crucial things will come into play:

    1- A REAL USE CASE will become a reality. This translates into value because it is used to buy everyday items and services and it helps people with banking in the unbanked world (this helps with remittances).
    2- MORE USERS THAN BITCOIN (or any other crypto).
    These two factors will bring hype to ETN, thus, more people will know ETN exists and that it is a good coin, for it will have achieved a great deal, and so, more people are likely to invest in it.

  6. Mainstream Media will talk about ETN, just like they did with Ripple last year. ETN is lucky to have a proven marketing genius like Richard Ells to go on TV and get interviewed by the journalists. He will smooth talk and sell them the ETN vision of “Enablement Currency” which sounds fancy ans all but really means “We want everyone to use our coin and get free money, banking and an electronic payement solution with it”.

  7. ETN will get the attention of the Institutional Investors, the Whales of this World, which are really smart and will instantly notice ETN’s real ambitions and they will invest in it to profit (just like all of us, original plebs, are doing right now). Because of this new money now flowing into ETN, it will LEAD this new Bull Run with unrivaled % gains, which in turn bring the next and final point.

  8. FOMO starts kicking in. FOMO will kick in like you have never seen before as this new Virtual Currency works in the real world and it’s used to buy bread since a lot of people in 3rd World countries will use it everyday. Seeing this, other MVNOs will want to get a piece of this free $1 worth of ETN per user per month. Vodafone has more than 300 million custumers, this means that the CEO could make his company 300x12 = 3600 million dollars FOR FREE (I bet he would get a big fat bonus for that), best case scenario. Worst case, with a retention rate of 10% he would make 360 Million for free. This is only viable if ETN’s price jumps a lot since ETN’s current Market Cap is somewhere around 166 Mil.

If all goes well, ETN will explode in 2019.


Most prescient and extremely well articulated. Brilliant!



Lanzo - you’re back! Welcome back.


While I think (hope) that all of these things can happen, I think it will take a lot longer. January 15th is only 13 weeks away. Populations of entire countries are not going to switch their currency and change their spending habits to something they have not even heard of yet, quite so quickly.

Of course i would love it if you were right and I was wrong, as it would make me disgustingly rich, extremely quickly!


I mean, if we reach just $0.5, would still be incredible.


Thank you for putting all the key factors togther! I don’t understand why other crypto communities can not understand what is happening here with ETN.


Because they all thrive to maintain the decentralization goal they set at the beginning, and bash ETN same as they did with XRP. Which will be the main crypto for transferring assets for banks.


The problem for them is that the world is not ready for fully decentralized systems. Maybe one day for some of them but for now ETN is the one to get things done.


I thought for a second and wondered how would older people, as well as illiterate people know how to use the KYC thing.
It has to be made way less complicated in the future.

Downloading the app and just use it as you want was a best practice, but from then on, it has gotten away quite a bit. I hope the team has something good in store for us all, as the road to mass adoption has to have just one thing in mind: Keep it simple.


You mean what if they cannot write their own name? They will just have to find someone to do it for them I suppose. Or learn to write… ETN may be the enablement currency but people have to do a little work themselves.


I mean tech illiterate all in all. Because those are the targeted markets, not the rich countries.


Well the target market is the unbanked with smartphones so if they have a smartphone they should have some understanding.


After reading this I made myself FOMO! :whale2::whale::whale2::whale::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Don’t assume 3rd World people are stupid. If they have a phone they’ll know how to go to their mail, write their name and take a picture of their ID.


I didn’t assume that. I was just saying that the type of person described by me can mostly be found in Africa.
I mean, heck, most of them don’t have access to drinking water, so why should we overestimate the market. No racism intended, this is what the statistics say.


Yeah you never said that. Terrible when people get on a high horse and put words in your mouth. Ignore these type of posters.


I have no problem, we are just exchanging ideas. It is a free world…kinda.
If we would all think alike, the life would be boring as hell.


There was no exchange of ideas there the poster was just slandering you.


Don’t worry man, just give him some slack.
We are all in the ETN boat, so we’re brothers.
Listen to our preacher NagaBeau.