50th Year Anniversary for the Moon Landings......and?

So its been 50 years since we went to the moon back in 1969. This amazing step for mankind didn’t just happen by fluke! We went 6 times in three years from 1969-1972…6 TIMES (apparently)! There and back, all 230,000 miles…One would think it’d be impossible to achieve such a task, especially since at that time we still used telephones with cords on them.

Does it seem odd we can’t go back and provide some quality, non-CGI photos or full UNCUT videos of the trip? Does it also sound odd that we ‘cant’ go back because we destroyed all the telemetry data and the technology required to go back? Is it also weird we send rovers to Mars which is 34 MILLION miles away but can’t go to the moon with ease? Also, was Richard Nixon really in the white house while on the telephone with Neil Armstrong whom was walking on the moon? Makes ya think…Hmmmmmm, will ETN go to the Moon before anyone else this century? Or is it even possible to go to the moon?

watch for 3 minutes from the timestamp for maximum reality shattering

Much of the footage of the moon was doctored . They went there but after they had to cover everything up because there were ships there watching them. The backgrounds were all replaced and there has actually been some cool documentary’s made about it. many of the photos of the moon are turned upside down to confuse the viewer and other stuff wiped out - the buildings and arifacts they have found. It’s all a huge lie - the fact that ET’s are everywhere - the universe is multi dimensional and conscious. Humans are just fish in a bowl with no idea what is out side the bowl and our masters work to keep it that way because they need to maintain their control.



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I believe they did go . Watch apollo 11 2019 the docu/movie . Brilliant

Loved every minute

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