5000+ membres here Celebration


Wow it was very short period to gain so big audience.

But we need gain more, so talk here, receive likes, create good post with awesome content and be like me BADGES guru - 30 total, have here someone more? :smiley:

check yourself your score.
Mostly I am proud to reach this:

What is your biggest achivement here and feel free to show your results in TIME :wink:
I am stil at the nice 5th possition with sharing the LOVE here so i will send you :hugs::heart::heart: if you liked some of my post I need receive EMPHATETIC badge and missing about 150 likes from community :smiley:

Enjoy your time here with the great crypto community. ETN will be proud to YOU.
Dont forget we are :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


perfect man :partying_face:


Well done @Mr.CryptoCZ
Great sharing
Great marketing,
Love your statistics.
Rock on!..Pahini