**5 star playstore rating**


Currently Electroneum is at 4 star out of 5 in playstore rating. As the normal people enters, the app review and rating will play a good role.
Please drop a good review in playstore and give it a 5 star rating. (the normal non crypto masses will definitely check the reviews and rating)

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electroneum.mobile
4 is not good enough! 4.4+ is what we should have and more good reviews.
Please dont take it lightly (the app is actually good, it deserves better reviews)


I already gave 5 stars. But I can understand why someone would give 4 stars. The signup process can be a little bit of a struggle.


I wondered the same thing. We should be around 4.4 atleast.


I would say a least 4.5 :wink: great app.


I know. We as a community should push it higher.


Electroneum deserves to have 5 Stars atleast :thinking:


Yeap, I gave it 5 stars a couple of weeks ago.


GIVEAWAY -->In the meanwhile you can help us at Google play market. We need to write there positive reviews too to be more visible - some persons only use app which have rating 4,5+ so its up to us the incredible community - we can create the separate post on this and maybe we can make a giveaway about this for one lucky comunity member - for example 200 coins if we reach 35 000 reviews till end of November… Just join and print screan your text that you have written - write it in english or monther tongue
We have right now TOTAL 24386 reviews with the score 4,1 stars. look here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electroneum.mobile
In my excel (if you didnt see it yet click on my name you will find it there)
So i log this numbers and changing in score:
So if you have join write DONE. and maybe printscrean your coment. If you join in history you can win too - and its possible to update your rating and comment too - so do it now. A lot of people spaming there with referal codes - write there something new. An if someone can join we can than pink maybe more winners.
So rules to join giveaway - one lucky will receive 200 coins if we break the millestone 35 000 till end of November -

    1. RATE 5*,
    1. print screan your comment - you you have writen yet - edit it
    1. upload here your text that you have writen at Google play
    1. Write DONE and write too your address
    1. when we succed i will send you reward - if someone want to help me he can too pick too winer from whole list - so if you can join as a DONATOR - tag my name and we can have bigger JACPOT and maybe if we have total 5-10 donators we can make happy 10 people and everyone from winners receive 200 coins.
    1. Good luck to all


So i show you how i mean to join.
Review (in mother tongue or in English):
My ETN adress: etnkAumSUr2a7ke3wkTqts6diiFRXnBUbQt6uY9JH3dLKMicR7DteynGYxRd5fXt4pezh1kDKZvF5XYdTb59XEADAbPScXZ55a
@Mr.CryptoCZ i want to join as a next donator and i will chose one lucky winner and give him 200 coins - if we reach 35 000 reviews till end of November
Thats all what we need :wink:
You can copy my style


Perfect. Lets do this!


4.2 stars!!! Lets take it to 4.3 now


I made that before :sunglasses: and edit it now good idea yea, here is my comment

my address etnjyZpjvQMZK6tx4MzqFnSyBdjMAKQo9d3ywHF5yyJXSj5Tm6nHmsYFfUqG65v8fg1g3prxsEf3fY4awCkbpHqP8ZRMC8n1xH
soonly we are going no 1 especially in google play store and in general in the world :hugs::clap:


Just gave 5 stars to Electroneum! :))


Awesome. Do encourage friends and family too.


I did a 5 star rating quite a while ago, but it’s definitely good to get the word out to as many people as possible to do so. It’s deserving of that rating too and helps it gain more recognition in the google play store.