3x Instant Payment methods in 1 system


Hi Everyone,

Warning: This is a somewhat long-winded video showing 3 separate (but not at all separate) ETN instant payment methods being used via my POSitron system.
Also: My video presentation skills are lacking :rofl:

So this isn’t finished, and there are some noticeable bugs to iron out.
But I’ve got the main part of a Windows-Based (no web browser needed!) bricks and mortar point of sale interface working. Along with a one-size-fits-all Web-Site template and Android-Mobile POS. All integrated and talking to each other happily, all with the ability to accept ETN instant payments.

  • add / manipulate stock items, customer details, suppliers, staff accounts.
  • print quotes and receipts
  • Sales history (Android POS only at moment)
  • Sales, Stock reporting by Staff, Date, Item, Price variables (Android POS only at moment)
  • ETN instant payments (Windows)
  • PayPal (Web/ Android POS)

Bugs I’ve noticed and fixed since this video:

  • Added the +5 ETN tx fee to Android POS (oops!)
  • Fixed company name on Windows receipts
  • Fixed multiple windows spawning (Windows)
  • Fixed completed sales not clearing correctly from sales screen (Windows)
  • Android login password now hidden
  • Website error only appears on TOR?! (I have to use this as a VPN to realistically test my own domain)
  • Android receipt now shows ETN total value

So, I hope you like it.

  • Steve Elliott


very cool idea. Well done!