3D Cart Store Integration


I am have a store with 3D Cart Stores that is under development.
I am not a programmer myself.
I need someone who can integrate the ETN payment into my store…
Anyone interested please let me know. Thanks.
A P.F. can be arranged.

www 3dcart com


Just checked it out. It seems as if they don’t allow third party payment integrations, which is a pity.


Unfortunately this is not my strong point.

I’d suggest asking etn_acadamy and the guys behind Electroneum101.com as their system works very well.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for a web code to create a custom “pay by etn” page that creates a qr code and checks the POST api every 2 seconds and awaits an answer…


Thanks for the info Guys.

I’m not sure what third party means.
My store is under my own domain.
It is hosted by 3D cart using their template that can be modified and add apps to it.

Thanks again.


Third party means a program/application is made by someone else other than original 3D Cart developers.

In this case the instant payment plugin made by @benjaminoo is a third party plugin, meaning it was not programmed by the original 3D Cart developers.


Oh, I see.

Therefore I have to ask 3D themselves to workout an interface for their system, which will include myself.



That would be correct, or simply switching over to a different ecommerce platform, but you may not be interested in that. Best of luck!


This is true, but one needs to be able to integrate into 3D Cart’s code and tie in with their orders, so that one can mark them as complete when payment is received. That won’t be possible unless they provide access to their code.


Thanks Guys.

I will talk to 3D cart about this.