3 reasons why Electroneum (ETN) could create the next wave of crypto millionaires

We are on a roll in the last 24 hours Electroneum was featured in 4 different crypto currency publications


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"There is a consensus in the market that the next wave of crypto growth will come from mass adoption. Cryptos that have the potential for exponential adoption will have the biggest gains in the future. One such crypto is Electronoum (ETN). Electroneum has a use case that could see it adopted by over 350 million smartphone users all over the world. According to PWC, this is a market that could be worth upwards of $3 trillion. But it ’s not just about the size of the market, that gives Electroneum the potential to give exponential returns, it is the fact that it’s uniquely positioned to dominate it. Here are 3 reasons why this could be the next big thing in crypto

It is introducing KYC
One thing that gives Electroneum the opportunity to grow is its upcoming KYC feature. This feature will give it an element of legitimacy in the eyes of governments, something that could put it on the path to widespread adoption. At the moment, most governments are slow in accepting cryptos as a form of payment because they could be conduits for money laundering and other financial crimes including terrorism. Electroneum seals these loopholes by having KYC, which pretty much makes it compliant with the financial regulations of most nations. This potential for adoption without any government imposed bottlenecks could see the value of this crypto rise to unprecedented levels all across the world. As this adoption takes root, so will the value of Electroneum (ETN). This coin is already showing signs of growth in anticipation of this feature. Today, Electroneum (ETN) is up by over 20%, and could be a glimpse into the future. Once this feature is introduced, Electroneum (ETN) could lead the market in returning to the gains of 2017.

The potential to work with Telecom companies
It’s upcoming KYC feature also places it in a unique position for work with telecoms companies all over the world. Telecoms would benefit by integrating Electroneum into their systems, thereby allowing their customers to make instant payments via their smartphones. This is a clear growth path for Electroneum (ETN) since there are telecom companies that have upwards of 100 million users. Integrating Electroneum into their systems could see this crypto gain billions of users globally and in a very short time. Once this picks momentum, Electroneum (ETN)’s growth will be exponential. This is one aspect to the growth of electroneum that could see it touch a $1 in the near term.

  1. Multi-crypto instant payments

Electroneum has a pending patent for instant payments. The best part about Electroneum’s instant payments is that it is not just for Electroneum (ETN), but also for other cryptos as well. The ability to spend coins instantly will unlock the true value of all cryptos and could see them become usable as everyday currencies. Since Electroneum is at the base of it all, the growth of crypto usage could see the value of this crypto grow by a huge margin going into the future. It has the best chance of getting into most of the major e-commerce companies as crypto goes mainstream.

Going by its fundamentals, it is quite clear that Electroneum is highly undervalued at current prices. Everything about it screams mass adoption, and that’s where future value of crypto will come from. With the potential to dominate a $3 trillion market, Electronuem has a realistic chance of hitting upwards of $1. Such a price will create millionaires out of people who invest in it now, when it is still trading at just $0.009. Its rise will be hastened by a listing on a major exchange like Binance, which would open Electroneum up to an even bigger audience in the market."