2nd instant payment API integration ever


Our second instant payment video of the day is in! Thanks @ benjaminoo from electroneum101.com:

The really exciting bit is that ETN Instant Payment is even quicker than it is here.

There’s a new bit of code (polling code) – which hasn’t been used here – and means there’s no need to click the button after the transaction had been made because it just happens automatically.

Nevertheless, we love the video, @ benjaminoo – hope we’re going to get more tomorrow!


Good news rolling in… Great work… CEO


Yes. It’s kind of how the world works.
LG actually invented the smartphone, but Apple took the credit 6 months later, because they are marketing masters.
Facebook copying Hi5.
Or Bitcoin, which is the father or cryptos, is a little bit outdated, as compared to even the newer projects.

Just kidding Richard. :stuck_out_tongue:

The main thing here is that even if someone is an avanguardist in any domain, like ETN, there will always be others that will do the same thing better, as they already have the base to work with. This is not right by any means, but it’s how the cookie crumbles.


nice work @benjaminoo and @ETNCEO well to go


Well the snow ball has started! :slight_smile:


Nice @benjaminoo keep up the good work! :cowboy_hat_face:


Great stuff, really excellent work by Electroneum and the video is brilliant too, concisely showing how the system works with zero effort or technical knowledge required, ideal for mass adoption.

I urge everyone who supports #ETN for the long term to share this on your social media with appropriate tags to get this successful Instant Payment development out into the public space / awareness, and to help reach those not yet joined our team.

Important: make sure and give the video a thumbs up too, which will help it’s visibility and promotion.


Wow this is amazing stuff!! seeing it integrated on a website like this and see just how easy and fast it was to buy and pay for an item is insane! That is surely a world first!? This is gonna be really attractive I cant wait to see this end up on hundreds of websites! hehehe


Congratulation now your vision is being fulfilled, this must be nice feeling for you :smiley:


nice work there @benjaminoo


Good morning, please I transfer Eth from one mobile app wallet to another. It show notification that it had been received but it is not reflecting on the wallet I sent it to…


Have you refreshed your wallet?