25% OFF ETN Merchandise + Over 200 New Items!


We’ve been busy at Quorra Merch! You can now PAY with ETN! We created the FIRST Ecwid Instant Payment integration!
We’ve also created over 200 NEW Items and they will Launch on Friday, November 9th.
We’ve done all of this in just 3 weeks because we’re that dedicated to all of you and we love ETN and believe in it so much.

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Ends November 18th, 2018.

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Awesome stuff! The genesis of the ETN economy!!!


I want to own the jacket that have Mick (AAT) in some video but cost 40$ its too much for me… I am poor HODLER :smiley:
This one so if someone want to make me happy it will be nice Christmas present :slight_smile:

As a gift from the team from total 97 people who receive nice share - 25 clicks to link i have 56 :smiley:

And 2times great SHARE (1000 clicks) so best promoter here and everything do for free…