24 December 2018 is exactly 1 year


On 24 December 2018, I’m celebrating 1 year anniversary as joining Electroneum and making my first ETN100.00 purchase from a friend, He’s the one whom introduced me,
Surprisingly He now owns 0 electroneums.
Now he abandoned the project I’m the one telling him soon electroneum would sky move up and he regrets selling off.so my advice is stick to what you have and wait on the Lord and forces to act.

I’m satisfied with what I have and thanks to the mobile miner and @M-Kid @eFiJy @Tanwax and many Hero’s I didn’t mentioned here for their support. Now I have some to hold and I believe it will change our life.


Congratulations! I truly hope your friend comes back or he may regret his decision. Perhaps you should loan him some in a few years to return his favor.


Yes I will help him out


@Emmanuel Karma is a good thing you will be reworded many times over.my friend.


Yes I know I’m respecting it