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Good morning :christmas_tree:
Hope everyone is safe and well and wish you all a magnificent Monday and for the coming week…



I have to share this story - its too amazing. I ended up getting a bunch more ETN as a result.

So Binance had suspended ARK deposits for whatever reason and all of a sudden binance goes nuts with ARK rocketing up 625 % . It was insane. But on every other exchange the price didn’t move. Don’t ask my how this happens.

So then it turned out that coinspot in australia was still taking ARK deposits.

Massive arbitrage opportunity. Price on okx was 31 cents usd but it went up to 1.80 on binance at one point and was oscillating up and down like a yo yo.

So i had a grand sitting in an account linked to coinspot and sent it over to the exchange. But guess what due to a bank glitch it never showed up and the exchange never recieved it. To say I was annoyed is a severe understatement. So I have no way to get funds in. Then I remembered I had 140 dollars of etn on coinspot so I traded for usdt and sent to okx and bought 262 ark. sent back to coinspot and of course they only do manual deposits for ark so I had to wait an hour for it but then I sold around 4 times the price swapped for usdt and back to okx this time 800 ark, rinse repeat next time 2500 ark, next time 6600 ark . I turned 140 dollars into 5700 in 4 hours and could have made 10s of thousands if coinspot had processed my deposits in a timerly fashion. It was nerve wracking. I had no idea how long this was going to go on for. But then out of the blue binance turns on ark deposits flooding the market and crashing ark like a stone. I was still waiting on my last deposit watching the price plummet yelling at support staff to hurry up.

what an insane day that was.
this morning right on cue my 1k aud shows up in my coinspot account more than 30 hours too late. If i had got that money I would have made nearly 200k in 4 hours

All of this sitting in my bungalow in Thailand haha

what a story!!!

I picked up another 300k etn at least. Might get more LoL/


Version 5.4.2 now available for IOS.


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no yet on Android


we had 4.5.1 so they must of added more fixes to ios as its unusual not to be on the same ( 5.4.2.)

I could be completely wrong lol

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Good morning all… have a wonderful Wednesday


I hope there’s an end-of-year company update coming, even if no announcements of roll-outs or whatnots.

Hear me, Santa? Ho-ho-flippety-ho.


yeah be nice to get a progress report of sorts before the year ends. They must be getting pretty close. I just bought some more today - make sure I have enough wen moon lol.


Hey everyone.

I wasnt here for a long time (years…) and thought I’d check some of the old crypto projects i used to like. My paper wallets are very dusty by now and I almost forgot about them.

While in my mind I already gave up on ETN im positively suprised about how well things are still going. Anytask finally accepts ETN and is really easy to use and nicely implemented. They made the anytask website also soo much better, more fun and intuitive with a quick login via the ETN app.

The app developement seems ongoing. And the app overall works very well.

Theres even some cute christmas decoration in these forums. All of these things make me want to continue supporting ETN no matter how low the price will get.

I still really like this project even though there is KYC involved.

Merrry christmas time and greetings from germany

PS: I want the mobile miner back in some way :smiley:


Hey @CryptoMatt !!! Ling time no see, good to see you back.
Appreciate the positive message…



Good morning :christmas_tree:

10 days to for thr big day… Xmas 22 is flying over so fast.


Have a good one.



Earlier this year, the UK government announced plans to make the UK a global hub for cryptoasset technology and investment. This mission has far-reaching potential given the impact blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) could have on people’s lives, from digital identities to decentralised national voting systems. Led by Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, the UK’s APPG Blockchain was established in 2018 to help UK regulators understand and embrace these new technologies. Today marks an important milestone in the history of Electroneum as its Founder, Richard Ells, accepts the APPG’s invitation to join their Advisory Board.


Great news, congrats for RE! Long-term super bullish.

Let’s hope for good developments amidst teh bear.


Gooooooood morning and Happy friday…

Wow here we are 9 days from Christmas :christmas_tree: day. Is it just me or is time flying again. :thinking:

Wishing you a happy friday…



Seems to be a glitch on this page, (see blue writing top right). If someone can inform the team @Planktroneum maybe?



Ill take a look thanks @Billy_Bongo is this mobile or desktop??


There seems to be a bug when xmas components are added to the Light theme, however I could not recreate the blue writing at the top of the page. I have reset the theme ( light ) completely. Please let me know if this works for you…

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Have a great weekend everyone.