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So, we got a decent pump even with a semi-released non-announcement, nice :sunglasses:

Seriously, even though there was a general uptick, ETN doesn’t need that much volume to skyrocket. That’s comforting.


I think the pump was driven by a falling wedge pattern breaking to the upside. If you look at the ETN/USDT chart, there was a perfect wedge that was getting squeezed prior to the big green candle.


Let see if we will keep the value… btw the second week after New year and no news from the company

Ollie should not have said anything - he has created a big negative feed back from saying we will get these announcements every week.

In all fairness, Ollie shouldn’t get all the heat regarding the announcements. Even the official announcement in September(?) mentioned announcements and several (possible) exchanges for Q4.

Obviously things didn’t go as planned, so we wait.



But it’s Friday ” is a valid excuse for almost anything today.

Have a fantastic Friday


Few more integrations looming hopefully. Keep us ticking over before something more exciting is released.


In Rich’s last update he said they were hoping to introduce the new in-app KYC system, within the “first couple of weeks of the new year”. Don’t know if this is on track but possibly something soon on this.

He also said that when that is deployed "we will also see them jumping out into these couple of Caribbean Island Nation states!


Blanket marketing, could be anything. I have my hopes and dreams about what that means. Fingers crossed!


Etn mentioned


I have ventured to use any task to create a logo for my son who is a musician and producer. We are working on an NFT music project and hopefully a graphics PFP project that will be involved with the music as well.
I haven’t heard anything from this guy yet and I committed $10.60. what happens if he doesn’t respond within the allotted time? Does it reverse the charge? Was the charge even charged yet?

If this one doesn’t work I want to try another person who will respond. In particular I’m looking for somebody who can draw well to make a collection of wolf NFTs.

Eadwulf is my old english family surname, and it means lead wolf. I am now called Eddolls as surname.

We were thinking of calling it WulfPack.

Any artists here want to try out their hand at a collaboration? DM me or whatever. If you want to chat about NFT’S.

Anyway. What happens.

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Neto Robatto on Anytask. Can find him on Twitter too.


I cancelled the order. No response for over 24 hours.

I will browse for your suggested talent.


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Throw back 4 years ago.

Let’s hope these are still trickling along. Wonder what happened to Xius?


Greetings from up north uk.


I seem to remember Xius being headquartered in India and that’s around the same time the Indian gov’t began their anti crypto campaign.

I think, from memory their payment network spanned something like 8-9 Latin American Countries with over 1,2000 agents and did around a billion $ per month in transactions. I remember suggesting they could possibly restructure and open an office or sister company somewhere in a crypto friendly jurisdiction. I’m pretty sure that the India crypto clampdown was a big factor in that Xius deal stalling.

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