2022 💎 Diamond Hands Club

3 month beta test for each of the 40 announcements.




Kidding. (I hope) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We will see but testing it takes time and also after testing is fixing time… you could be right :crazy_face:


20 squirrels i say.

20 squirrels all day long
to pass the time and sing a song.
of crazy fomo club and dreams
Of better days and better things.

To realize a vision clear
Before the end of this crap year.
A bright spot maybe for a change
A crypto magic rearrange.

Foundation laid and strong already
But time was spent to get it ready
important for the future see?

The space is huge and full of hope
We still have time to make it float.
A master plan they have conspired
Delivery of hope inspired.

Built for those who cant afford
The system that has maimed and gored.
A chance to make a life you see
An app that brings utility.

A site which brings great work to life
A chance to break the whip of strife
As billions can participate
Its really early, not too late.

So hodl hard and long my friend
And you will see a glorious end!


Have a great weekend everyone

Stay safe
Have fun


Done :white_check_mark: (and I need to type some more to post this message)


Did it too. Electroneum!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Any idea what ETN Team is cooking for survival. It’s been years since I can a sustain price and growth.

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ETN is currently working on a new feature and it is going through beta testing. The beta testing implies a new consumer feature as they are reaching out to ETN account holders. I suspect they may, but this is a big guess, add this feature in the ETN application. However, it may be a completely new capability. The good news is that they working on something and I am confident it will be something the market wants. The best part is that the new feature will be released on a gobal scale. Based on previous communication and the loss of the recent marketing person, it feels like there has been a delay. I could read into the situation but it provides no net benefit. The interesting result though, is that this feature/capability will not drop immediately so expect some turmoil in the short term.


November was meant to be the month all the news starts and with just 3 days left of the month, time is running out to announce anything for this month.

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Seems safe to say we should throw out the November expectations at this point. Let’s not carry on being disappointed by a lack of roll outs given we know they will be here in the near future. And from what has been hinted, we should be excited about what’s next for this project.


Or let’s look at all this from a different angle… they already have created an ecosystem, of course they will want to increase user numbers and provide more on and off-ramps over the coming years. But it seems that some people expect them to make the coin price go to a dollar or more… and stay there! That may never happen and it’s not their job to do so. We are well up from our 2019/2020 lows, and while I feel for people sitting on a loss, market timing is theirs and theirs alone. Everyone’s entry and exit points are different. We can hardly factor in the top of the McAfee pump at the tail end of a previous bull market into any serious price analysis. Richard himself has stated ETN is not a speculative crypto… well maybe he has to say that, and yet here we all are… speculating! I’ve made money on ETN and will make more in future, I’m not a big time trader so if I could do it then anyone could do it instead of sitting blaming Richard for their own market decisions.

Feels like it’s being walked down a flight of steps right now, not enough buying to get it back to the previous step and any bounce sold quickly, then down to the next step… 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 etc

It’s gone up before and it will go up again, so let’s hope for a Christmas bonus and as long as you don’t sell the dip you have nothing whatsoever to worry about.


I suppose what I’m trying to say, is they have already done their bit (but with more to come of course) when you compare it to where we were at the start of 2018. If we keep on trying to correlate the project with the market it only leads to frustration.


Zero to do with Ollie or Jonathan, it’s technical stuff that’s delayed this. Anyone can write a tweet to announce it. It’s just delayed by tech/3rd party IMO.


“But I do know they are very happy. The words “you have no idea” and “the best I’ve seen since 2017 out of ETN” have been mentioned with ratings of 10/10 from their opinion…but no further details or elaboration”

I understand that mean already Beta testing is on… they see the thing what is test about :thinking: interesting :wink:


A bit sad to watch everything is pump after BTC but our ETN not… hope something change that soon :crossed_fingers:

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We need the exchange listings big time. We lost the momentum since the blockchain upgrade. Its disappointing. Hive has been pumping lately. I wish I had been playing with that coin on the pumps.

Super Chat with Cheeky Crypto about ETN at 1:04:05 min



Good to see they are sill positive about ETN. They are holding on I think waiting for the announcements like the rest of us.


Cheeky Crypto is always fun to watch but I would not read too much into what they say. They can clearly read charts but for a rebound, there has to be a catalyst.

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