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Great, steady trucking and doing a little DCA. Always lurking. Hope all the other lurkers are doing well and your goodself P. Christmas is somehow round the corner. :man_shrugging:t2:


Oi oi good to see you @wTz1.
I’m all good thankyou, Yeah time is flying. It’s scary how quick the year is going over… Hope you and the family are all fit and well.


I haven’t written for a long time. I now have access to less information about ETN. someone tell me how far we’ve come and what we’re working on. except for a few articles.


Here is a summary of the key features we anticipate will be coming to the network soon:

  • Ability for users to create smart contracts
  • IBFT consensus with single block finality for transactions
  • Significantly lower transaction fees
  • Potential for Electroneum to expand into the DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse
  • Simplified cross-chain interactions with other popular EVM-based projects
  • Scope for Electroneum’s partners to build applications on top of the blockchain
  • Creation of remote nodes for users to access
  • Creation of a test-net faucet, enabling users to receive test-net ETN

We will aim to share further information, including the token migration, in our next community update.

Four universities are set to become blockchain validators

Two new blockchain developers joining the team, while otjers are paying people off. Etn is actively hiring.

Working on new ways to earn and spend ETN, keeping the Ecosystem going

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Gooooood morning all…

Friday is here again, Elons bought twitter and proclaims himself as chief twit :rofl:

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Oh and this is happening


I realise my posts are often removed, even when I have a fair point!
I want to ask what happened to all the points Richard Ells mentioned in his official video towards the end of last year? Holding a substantial amount of ETN I feel I have a right to ask a question like this. It just seems very little is happening realistically. Lots of delays, redirections and no real movements. I think the lack of activity within this forum speaks volumes. So many things were announced that have come to nothing: phones, mining, Netflix, apple, islands, new exchanges etc etc. These have all been spoken of by ETN staff btw. What is going on? It just feels like we’re being fobbed off with developments that don’t seem to come to anything. Lots of hiring, but not much real progression. I know this will be removed by admin, but my point is reasonable and should be open for discussion amongst forum members. Or are we only allowed to listen to admins saying"hello" everyday? If so this isn’t really a discussion forum is it? If they want to kill this project then they’re going the right way about it. Anyhow I’ll look forward to my private message about FUD (which this isn’t) and the inevitable deletion of my post. I just want some answers. Investors should be allowed some input after all.


Things are being done in the background I assure you and the community this is true. Believe me when I say the team is eager to get this completed as soon as possible.

We dont have the answer to when news will be released, I wait in anticipation the same as you.

Me personally i’d rather they took their time, don’t rush things and get it right first go and have any problems glitches all ironed out before they released anything. Nothing has changed as far as I am aware.

All I can say is keep an eye on socials for updates. I completely understand your frustration but please rest assured that they will release the information as soon as they can

ETN-Smart contracts… You can view here :point_down:

Things just take time thats all. A lot of regulations come into play especially these day’s where crypto is becoming more and more mainstream. So all I can ask is for your patience.

It will come.

As for me just saying hello and good morning well thats jusy because of who I am, I like to say good morning with a smile because … well we all need a smile in the morning. I say it all over, I send messages to famiky, friends and socials because it helps keep the normality of life going. Something which is disappearing.

Some people are either too busy, unwell or like many chat rooms are just simply taking a break. The world and people have changed especially in the past 2 nearly 3 years ( cv19 )
Constant doom and gloom etc etc.

There is a lot of uncertainty in markets, fiat, crypto housing everything… Countries are at war and people are scared so chatting on a forum is probably the last thing on their minds also its not just quiet here.

However all through this ETN-Network has grown, and is still going, upgrading and continues to look for new angles and for ways to grow Electroneum and The Anytask_Platform and other sites within the Ecosystem.

This community is open for discussion always has been always will be. However when posts go off topic, break the rules they will be removed.

So please do chat away.

BTW good to see you again, if you want to speak in Dm the doors always open., that goes for anyone in this community.

Have a good one.



Firstly thanks for not deleting my post.
With regards to the saying “hello” thing my point is there isn’t much activity or discussion within this forum beyond that. No issue with your daily posts.
Part of the frustration is because it doesn’t seem clear which direction this project is going. I know things change, but there has been a lot of directional changed in the last 5 years.
I don’t think it helps when “the boss” does videos that almost 12 months later haven’t come to fruition. I know crypto is full of promises and fake news, but as a real project I hoped that ETN would deliver on some of the items that have been mentioned. The Netflix/Apple thing seems to still be limited to just a few small countries. Surely it could have been rolled out fully after this length of time?
I am not wanting to create FUD, just hoping for some clarity on what is really going on. I’m sure some of the admins are connected to the business anyway so they should have an insight.
I appreciate there are things in the pipeline, but I have heard these things before, which is my point.
I don’t want ETN to just die off, and not purely for my own investment reasons.
I suppose I’m frustrated because at the end of the day many of us, if not all are holders and are waiting for some real news to propel this project forward. I would hope after 5 years we would be seeing some of the fruits of this project.

Good morning all… Happy weekend


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No worries and good morning

Even if we did know more we are under NDA so we Cannot answer all questions as per my response above.

Hence why I can’t say anymore than what I posted last night.
The team will release when ready, they get slated for saying things or being silent. Stuck between a rock amd a hard place kinda situation…

We just need to stay positive, help out retweeting sharing posts on socials etc and wait for the update to come.

Have a good one.


Hi @Cheeky75 , I can only speak personally. I like many got into crypto about five years ago. Completely uninformed and just rolled with the general excitement. As time has gone by my attitude has matured as I have learned. In real life I, like most people want what I want and I want it now. However I’ve become waaaay more laid back with my investments and am happy to watch and wait. Just my personal thoughts. The initial hype around ETN and expectations after the pumps that happened seem to have cooled as in my opinion as this project has matured. Looking at other solid 1st gen projects it took some years for real growth one way or another. Just my thoughts though. Have a great whatever. :v:t3:


At the moment only one good announcement will consider our rocket.

It won’t take off but people will make us hang out.

Just single announcement


Something will happen soon - we all know what’s being worked on.


Good morning and Happy sunday !!!

Etn tweet

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That’s right, future will say to us but we wanna know everything about new road


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