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Mulder, I’m in a similar position. Every time I trade up a coin tanks so I swap to something else it tanks it’s frustrating and funny at the same time lol.

But hey that’s crypto for Ya, I’m not going to leave crypto but I will stop buying it for a while. It’s easy to get emotionally involved with a coin or token as for etn I’m not concerned as the future is looking great however, what annoys me is the poop coins that are flooding the market and taking the shine away from the coins with potential.

But regulations will sort that in the end. We just have to ride it out keep positive and enjoy the ride. Besides we are still up over 250% over the year…

Hodl strong :muscle:


yeah hopefully I can get some work soon. I got so screwed by the covid restrictions and the govt here goes after anyone who didn’t get vaccinated. If I can get working its all good but if not I have to sell. It’s just taken so long and there have been so many other missed opportunities along the way. If there is no payoff its all a big disappointment. I know ETN is staying quiet for legal reasons. They do need to keep some momentum though, but still there are so many hurdles along the way. Just way too many people telling others what to do and stifling innovation.


@Planktroneum after I applied for beta tester they emailed and said something about jotform or something. Do we have to do that part?


That’s just advertising for Jotforms - ignore it :slight_smile:


@M44FFW thankyou


Looking at the market we should be grateful to hold ETN. With the low price it hasn’t dropped much but looking at bit coin and quant there is a lot to be said for the risk factor in buying into expensive coins. .


Why would there be a bigger risk factor buying into expensive coins?

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they have a lot further to fall down…


That doesn’t make sense… Percentage wise the loss is the same.

I did not sign up for the beta, but I know a few people that have. They are respecting the NDA and are very tight lipped about what they are testing, but seeing these people were starting to get cynical and they have made a complete 180 degree turn on their outlook tells me everything I need to know. The actual news/announcements don’t even matter to me anymore. HODL on folks :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. I’ve been fighting cynicism to be sure. I mean I will always be cynical, but the optimism to counterbalance it was waning. This post gave me some of that back.


@Cryptoman976 so they have already picked everyone? Damn I didn’t get picked then


I don’t know how they pick people. I also know people that were not picked. I have no idea what they are implementing or how/why they pick certain people other than maybe based on where they live? No clue. One of the people I know lives in France. Not sure about the other 2. I don’t ask many questions to them right now. I don’t want to put them in a position of accidently saying something they shouldn’t. But I do know they are very happy. The words “you have no idea” and “the best I’ve seen since 2017 out of ETN” have been mentioned with ratings of 10/10 from their opinion…but no further details or elaboration.

The night is always darkest before dawn. And I think that holds true for all of us at this point in ETN’s history. We’ve all been more supportive than anything I can think of through history. If we can just hold on a little bit longer, I have a good feeling about all of this.


Add a trust pilot review to help the project. It takes 30 seconds.


@Cryptoman976 thankyou for that reply. It made my day!!!


Not a Netflix coupon then? :cowboy_hat_face:


Hmmm… I have not been picked too :frowning: all sound excited…thx for sharing with us @Cryptoman976


Do you know how long that BETA test should take?


No idea. I couldn’t even take a guess. I don’t know anything outside of the excitement I see in TG channels

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