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yeah getting a lot more volume on trading will have to push the price up for sure. ETN has been so undervalued for such a long time. Its like its finally free now since the fork.


Just got the message from Cheeky Crypto… ETN’s video should come out tomorrow!!! :crossed_fingers::facepunch::rocket:


Nice work!!! I am sure we will see steady growth now with some good publicity. So far ETN is pumping a lot more than xrp or quant. Well that wasn’t much of a pump. Oh well. By all accounts November should be the month to pump. I hope so as I am out in December. If I look at all my involvement in crypto over the last 4 years I have probably lost more than I gained - if anything i might come out just ahead but when I think of all the wasted time paying attention to it I cringe… ETN is a great project but crypto suffers from the same affliction as everything else…rich people control the market in the end and they are the ones who always win.


I see things haven’t changed around here.

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On a positive note, I studied a bit about the players involved with the Digital Pound Foundation as well as their tie-in’s to the Bank of England and HM Treasury. Pretty impressive stuff on all sides, Ripple and Quant have been at this for several years and of course CGI and Accenture on legacy fintech side are also household names in their fields, with ongoing projects in the banking world. No doubt these connections will help push Electroneum’s businesses forward in whatever shape they take in the future.

Had some sour notes ready to go also, but what’s the point :sunglasses:


Cheeky Crypto


We really need more exchanges to get our trading volume up. Plus some of these closed wallets on Huobi/KuCoin sorted by the exchanges. Should make a difference as our volume is low compared to many other cryptocurrencies. Hopefully that will be in the forthcoming announcements.


Yeah… agree… and I think it will be in coming announcments :crossed_fingers:


So this guy has some good information about what the various contributors to the digital pound foundation bring to the table. I find his voice to be abrasive. He reminds me of John McEnroe disputing a referee call. He does go into a fair amount of detail about why the other players are in on this. Not much about electroneum as it seems nobody can see what they bring to the table.
If I had to guess what electroneum brings is the most hands on app based retail wallet experience. Nobody seems to be talking about this.
I’m still at something of a loss on how this helps etn holders. I can see how it is great for etn-limited or whatever the company is called.
I’m also still waiting on etn memes about us going to pound town. :wink:
Here is the link.


Electroneum brings the most established pipeline to the unbanked regions of the world. This should not be minimized. Imagine the potential for connecting the unbanked to traditional banking through the Electroneum fintech. The possibilities are far reaching.


Anyone knows how looks our statistics now with AnyTask and places accepting ETN?.. I haven’t seen the numbers long time…I am interesting how is ETN progressing with that this days


There’s some good hype going, on Twitter and Youtube videos with decent views. I thought the announcement was a bit underwhelming for those who watch this scene closely, but I’m still surprised it doesn’t seem to create any (sustained) price action.

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Crypto is still not at the stage where price happens because of fundamentals. Its volume and liquidty, best example that meme coin shib, on binance and coinbase now and it went to Jupiter’s moon.


Fundamentally the top coins including the meme coins are available in more markets. Electroneums current fundamental problem is actual market exposure/availability

Think of physical stores. The more chains a product is carried and stocked results in not only more exposure to shoppers but also that means there’s physically more product needed just to stock those shelves. Then you have the ability for patrons to purchase the said product when they’re so inclined. Memes work on whim, shoppers don’t change stores on whim but they will purchase something in their market on whim. And that’s technically a fundamental Electroneum Does Not Have……yet. I have plenty of people that will pick up Electroneum here in America only when it’s available in their marketplaces like on coinbase, etoro, Robinhood, Gemini
, kraken……, Electroneum has moved pass on boarding “First Movers” time to progress to the next stage and get into those markets.


I did hope that we’d see movement on fundamentals based on actual use absorbing the supply rather than fundamentals causing investment… but we aren’t at that stage either.

So, was this the face-melt after all? Oh yes it’s big for Electroneum Ltd for sure, I am pleased for them. And Richard is a jammy so-and-so for getting a seat at the top table.

I’m kind of glad it hasn’t pumped on this. People will wait to find out how it affects ETN the coin, if at all. Potentially could be big, but we just don’t know.

No doubt we are in for years of hypocritical “bankster poop-coin” BS for years to come like the XRP lot have had to put up with, from elitist people who think blockchain and crypto is only for them and never to be used by any arm of a nation state to help people or facilitate anything.

Also like XRP we will no doubt see a lot of talk about banks only being interested in Ripple Tech and not in XRP the coin.

Well, that’s an interesting take on it… do you think things like phone top ups and AnyTask count for nothing (ignoring for a minute what they may or may not have contributed to our current valuation)?

It is a bit frustrating all the exchange wallets being down, and no update from anyone as to why or when it will be back online/open

Not sure why the ETN team isn’t investigating this matter on our behalf with all the exchanges. I mean it is in their best interest no?

If they wanna pull a 180, they just gotta focus on getting volume up and getting on major exchanges. I said it before and ill say it again, its not normal meme coins make it on major exchanges and etn can’t. You can be gold but if no one is there to buy you, then youre dirt.

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I agree with your entire statement on the wallets being down situation that seem to drag on way too long I was watching on the outside and monitoring the situation, could not log into anytask nor this community which raised some major questions especially concerning real world community involvement.

As far as Caracao I see possibilities there as the team has clearly shown over the years they are really going the extremely conservative path and that could allow them to “un clench” if you will *cough[clears throat]
There is a real business with real staff here, and they are networking in a real way, so this project isn’t dead and still has potential. They clearly didn’t chose the Facebook model of growth…

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