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I asked Mati Greenspan how many ETN he holds, during his AMA.

He answered: more than a few.

Good man! This guy ain’t stupid when it comes to crypto, advisor or not.


This is interesting.

From last year…

Now this


I think I saw a recent article talking about the USA authorities launching an investigation into Binance too. It sounded a little more serious than those articles, like the regulators are a little bit tired of Binance allowing USA customers to access their main platform and seemed to have some evidence or suspicion that Binance had even encouraged USA customers/investors to use a VPN to do so. I’m pretty sure it also talked about KYC/AML issues…and when you get on their radar for that sort of thing it probably isn’t going to go well for you no matter where your main corporate headquarters are located.

I’m not going to look for it though, don’t really care, have said they were playing with fire more than once and IMO that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We won’t even get into the unfair business practices that IMO probably will come back to haunt them. Like blacklisting certain legit projects while listing bogus worthless projects.

Or the practice of extortion and coercion like tactics they use to basically force projects to use the Binance chain blah blah.

You know what they say about Karma.


Also I should probably add that if the KYC/AML issue leads to even a small hint of Binance doing business with any countries or gov’ts being sanctioned by the USA gov’t or any drug cartels or terrorists… it’s not going to be pretty for Big B.



Have a magnificent Monday

Stay safe
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Stay you.



Omg, just found this :rofl:

If you click the 3 dots top right

Look at the bottom it says install app

It then installs an app on your phone…


I can’t add it to my home screen though but makes it easier to come straight to the forum

This is available on p.c too…
How behind the times i am :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, 7 months on and I finally got a clear instruction from the KYC team telling me what they actually want… but now have to upload it all to the app, having previously uploaded it to a support ticket reply as was asked to do so that was a complete waste of time…

'Spose we’re getting there slowly.


Today my friend account get reopen after 4 months. When they direct answer your ticket all is going quick and for him went very smooth… on the end he sent P60 and all went OK. All approved. Happy days!


Not quite the words I would use, have to send them all the same documentation AGAIN, plus more, bank statements that show the exchange name, well good luck finding the exchange name on a Cryptomate purchase…

Wonder if they will still keep us locked if you can supply most of what they ask but maybe one bit still missing.

Just have to keep plodding on, but it’s going to take me ages to go through all this lot again…

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Good luck man. At least its progress of sorts. Big party soon !!!


Yours looks very strange and complicated… I was surprise for my friend after he update all documents (for KYC) only P60 was all what they need…


Have a good one

Anyone watching the :soccer: tonight…

Gonna be a good game.

Eng v ger Both fantastic teams…



Great games were yesterday :clap::clap::clap:
Today… yes… great teams but… in the past… in this tournament didnt show yet anything special… hope for a good game but would not be surprise if the game will be 0:0 :crazy_face:


I am tired of elon musk promoting useless projects so during tonight’s meditation I sent telepathic messages to him to promote ETN. Now let’s wait and see what happens. See if he picked up my messages…


Oooo dont say penalties lol…

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:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: Elon… musk hear us :grin:



Neither Binance nor EON will entertain us or sitting for us, We need some serious investors move from team. Once we will get trust things will move.
@ETN TEAM, hope this is ok and my post will not be removed.


We need to stop spinning the Binance narrative. We are ETN and can be successful regardless. Lots of big exchanges out there. Binance would be great, but it’s not going to affect us hugely in the long- term if we not listed.

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