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Are we expecting update today?


Yep. Ollie also saying just a few more hurdles until the news is pumped out.





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CoinEx lists ETN for users worldwide. Support team continues to grow, becoming more efficient



Not the most exciting update but it’s still good to be informed.

Ollie’s previous comments about pumping out news is rather exciting.


A vote to decide on the header links, if people are having issues with the page or it doesn’t look right etc please vote so I can address it Asap…

Many thanks




Any guess when we will reach our all time high. Because I came in during that period almost lost my huge savings for nothing. Waiting for ELECTRONEUM good time .


No idea… right now we more like going to see all time low :frowning: fingers crossed… any time from now we should see big news from the ETN team… long time they stay quiet… that is why I hope for something BIG


What happened to the forum?.. messages show up multiple times… @Planktroneum what is going on?

looks ok on my side…

Nothing has been changed just added themes. what theme are you using?

double checked on 3 browsers …

checked all themes

all fine


@Planktroneum all back to normal… on my phone was crazy…need to restart and now is ok… thx


Ollie’s message sounds intresting… hope that a few more hurdles we pass easy and fast :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:



Raining here today :cloud_with_rain:, but its nice a cool so thats a relief.

Stay safe
Stay happy
Please :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:




Big news might not do much in a bear market, set your expectations so that you don’t get disappointed.


Not even talking about price but progress.

Yeah… we need to look on the price finally too… we can’t be forever worth nothing… if is that… we never get attention from BIG players… even we will loose attention from people whu work and earn ETN… do you like to work for something what continuously loosing value? No! Look… noone talk about us on you tube any more… we have a lot of attention before… all our supporters from you tube gone… And other projects not sleeping too… competition is always there… maybe not yet but it will come… no FUD just my opinion… hope this time my message not be delated


Btw… I think we are not in bear market yet

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Well we haven’t been… we were a quarter of a cent and then we were 4 cents, prices go up and down, and when they go up people think they are genius investors and when they go down they blame Richard and call me ridiculous for being a supporter… just another day in the life.

I don’t know how much of a bar to adoption extremely big price swings are, but I guess we will find out.


I am supporter too… try to help a bit… what I can do e.g. many times try to get youtubers attention about us… I really like RE and mostly I joined that project because of him talking (now I think we loosing a lot from that time when he decided not to show up at all but we can’t do much about that).
Yes we went from quarter of cent to 4 cents but now we fall down all the way to near quarter of cent again… IMO we (as a project) deserve more then that… value is not the most important thing but is important… also from around 30 position on CMC we fall down do around 250… our MM app rate and review are very bad… a lot of small things but they are make big difference… maybe we should open separate topic with things what are not going well and as a supportive community try to help improve or try to find a solution for ETN team to improve… e.g. IMO on social media comment should be closed because 90% is FUD


Yes, social media is a real double-edged sword.

I mentioned going to 4 cents because when we get in these price drop periods people seem to forget about the rises. With the development that’s going on surely you believe it can go to 4 cents again?

We are at the stage where they are still building the product, I don’t know ultimately what will drive our price, whether it be the network effect and money velocity stuff in the real world, or investors. The former takes time to grow but the latter can turn on a dime.

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