2019 price prediction


heres a price prediction for the e.o.y 2019 ( end of year )

a brief synopsis from the site.

Electroneum has a dedicated and experienced team running the show. CEO, Richard Ells, has experience in building successful tech businesses. The most recent one being Retortal Ltd, which is valued at over $50 million. So far, the team has been quick in developing new features and fixing any issues. They have also kept their investors informed about their goals and how they are going to achieve them, unlike many other cryptocurrency projects. Because of its appeal to non-technical users, it has received massive support at the grass-root level. People are hoping that Electroneum might be the coin which will lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies due to its mobile-friendliness. It is expected to reach $0.0355 by the end of 2019, which is not so far. The community and the crypto enthusiasts have seen potential in ETN; hence the possibility is high.

seems fair enough , but we shall see if his changes after the mwc in feb

i love the splash screen at the start


connections are made
products are launched
insights are gained
partnerships are forged
policy is defined
connections are made
innovations are celebrated
business gets done

25th -28th feb… 2019

I look forward to seeing what etns big news is. That’s when we will see what the real price prediction is.


I bought it at 0.035 $. It is a money eater coin.


Talk about a depressing price prediction…$0.0355 by the end of 2019


Don’t get disheartened @Kurd.girl
This time next year it will be worth much more than what you bought in at :wink:


Thats due to the market conditions, not due to ETN.


I got involved @ 0.12 and below , but I have zero concerns . We have a great team , product etc . We will grow .


2019 price prediction… no one knows. true story :smiley:


0.0355 look like over supply . Well no one know where etn can reach in 2019 .


They’re going to be way off the mark on one piece of information, that’s a guarantee: They say we’ll hit 3 Million registered users … It’s January 1st and we’re already at 2,731,472 Registered users. I’d be thinking closer to 4.5 Million by years end.


Truth is, there is no point predicting prices because no one will ever know. It could be absolutely anything this time next year.


0.0355$ end of 2019 ?
I want to jump out of the window when I read this.
I hope we will be present on multiple countries and continents.
I hope the gig economy website will be up and running, with a strong community.
I hope the Instant Payment System will be fully fonctional.
I hope we will pass the million mobile miners

But 0.0355$ end of 2019 ? Great Scott !


Yeah :rofl:. Like all the dissapeared coins from 4-5 years ago. If we continue like this i highly doubt we will survive. STOP IT, NO FUD, FACTS



Pretty encouraging.


This article went into a little more detail on that price prediction.

Anything’s possible really, ETN is doing things nobody else has yet. Time to set back and watch it all unfold, and :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: up more ETN of course. (Not advice, but what I’m doing)


HODL strong @Kurd.girl! :grin:

I and others have bought at all the prices.:sweat_smile: I think my first buy was at $0.18 USD after initially just mining, and have bought at ALL other prices.


Deeply inspiring to see that even after having bought at 18 cents you’re still there, holding and supporting ETN. :+1:
HODL !!!


Thank you @Phergoph! :grinning:

It’s all about the big picture and cycles to me. The market works in cycles too, the price will come up again, no worries on my end. I take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only here like that. @Pahini comes to mind first, plenty others.


Hodl …

Simple as .

Day one
The end


20 :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:…