2019 Lunar Phases


I’m opening this title for entertainment purposes. Let’s try to predict the movement of the crypto market according to the moon’s phases. I wonder if we’re going to the moon. Or we can’t go. :slight_smile:

First date on this calender is tomorrow. Let’s see if wthis work at all.

to the moon :roket::roket::roket:


I know there will be a relevance to the sentiment on the forum!
Interesting to see if theres any noticible mood swings at any particular time of the “month”


Yes, it’s a certain fact there will be. It’s documented that when there’s a full moon people are affected…although you know that already.


Or a football game!Wotza!


Yes we have seen the first effect as $250 increase.The 14th of January. We’re going to get an increase by the day. We’ll wait and see.


Well, Moon Phases is a built-in Indicator in TV (TradingView) for a reason…