2 X ! etn fiat pairing holy moly


Fantastic news


Whoa big news!!! Grats


Amazing isn’t it , good news Friday strikes again :grin:


Holy moly 2 fiats


Absolutely fantastic news and not to mention the fiat pairing of ETN/EUR coming on Liquid soon! Some all around great news today.


cut a cake


Mmm mmm we each get a nice slice of cake … Brilliant day !!!


A day indeed. Still want Cryptopia to do it someday as they have always been our go to site for etn.


Great start to my weekend .!
Thanks Liquid , Thanks Electroneum and
Thanks Sistemkoin.
Special thankyou to the community.
Onwards and Upwards…!


Holy Toodles this is kick ass!!! I think we are going to see more and more of these updates coming in faster and faster. Really truly exciting!!! ETN For LIFE!!!