2 questions plz

i have 12 questions about mining here please :

  1. Does it make any hard load on my iphone ?
  2. How exactly i can send the registration link to my friends and get them register then i earn more ?


Thank you… and the other 10 questions are?

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  1. Mining is done on the cloud, no resources used on the mobile phone.

  2. You tell your friends to download and install the electroneum app. Once they finished installing, give your QR code / long wallet address to your friends. They will enter your wallet address in their app and then you get referral coins.

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You are correct. '20 characters"

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lol, I thought they’d changed it and wondered why it was made more difficult!!

It does make you think that if everyone can have a referral code of 6 characters, why the wallet address needs to be so long. I know the 6 character one will only provide enough for just over 2 billion wallets, but make it 7 and we’re up to 78 billion combinations

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They probably stop the referral bonus after 2 billion combinations.

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That reminds me of the old classic:

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

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