2 NEW ETN Sites - TEACHING Digital Skills to SELL on AnyTasks

The blurb about the patent is incorrect. Those findings are from Sept 2018. They have since been corrected. That’s why the patent is now published.


Please show me where it says the Patent is Published/Awarded and the Patent Number

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Intellectual Property Office - Patents Journal : UK applications published

Intellectual Property Office - Patent document and information service (Ipsum)

Look at the actual PDF 117 pages though.

SkrAtch ™

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Patent is still in process … you need to remove that from your video . False information …


P.s sorry to hear your having issues… hope it gets sorted soon…

Thanks @488664703391bf784368 for :point_up::point_up::point_up:

In fact we haven’t had clarification from anyone …

@MSystem @Jeff_Knight any ideas as this keeps getting passed around. Many thanks

Great video btw :+1:


Not true Tyler they have 6 months to cross the t’s And dot i’s

Hope your home is sorted soon!

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We are at point 7 now I think!?

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You can’t just remove stuff from a video…

If it’s wrong, I will correct it in next weeks video.

But from what I’ve been seeing, I may not be wrong

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So it’s still in process?


Could you maybe edit it!?

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While you are certainly entitled to make videos as you please and to your liking espousing your opinions @Quorra_Merch, the comments you made surrounding the matter of the patent are wildly speculative at best and misleading guesses at worst. Additionally, your own comments above clearly show (quite literally) you are not sure if what you are posting is right or wrong.

The motivation behind producing this kind of content is curious, aside from your trying to be first with it. We have seen this before… The appropriate action - what is prudent - is to wait for a Electroneum to officially address it as opposed to making assumptions regarding the disposition of the patent. Please be patient, they will.

Posting this in here as you have, in fact creating an entire thread promoting this kind of uncertain speculation-as-fact, is not a good look (especially from someone who has had the honor and privilege of personally interviewing Richard Ells).

You are free to say whatever you please Tyler, and indeed you have, but that does not mean there won’t be consequences. Consider this a kind warning and let’s all move forward. In the future please give some reflection to your thoughts and comments and how they are openly shared.



Hey Jeff. What’s interesting is I was talking to Xterest and Dino DigitSpin Crypto before I made the video and both were under the same impression as me.

As I said in the video, not sure if you actually watched or not (Didn’t see a comment from you on it). I shared my view on whether or not the Patent even really matters. At 2:01 I said “at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because it’s not their main focus…that’s why I’m not going to dedicate any time to it”

I talked about the Patent for a few seconds. It’s a 15 minute video and it’s analysis on how AnyTasks and TaskSchool works together to be an amazing Ecosystem and how it connects to Mobile Money users.

I really love how everyone is talking about what was talked about for a few seconds, and not the Positives of AnyTasks and TaskSchool and how they will be huge.

So I don’t really appreciate a “warning” when I actually had a discussion with others that thought the same thing. As I said in the video, I’ve had a Hell Week. I didn’t have time to look into it further, and again, I briefly mentioned why it doesn’t matter whether we have it or not.

I also didn’t create “an entire thread promoting this kind of uncertain speculation”. Watch my video. Read the Title of it. Read the Title of this Posting. Does it say anything about a Patent? No. It says “2 NEW ETN Sites - TEACHING Digital Skills to Sell.” So I have no idea why you would imply I purposely made a thread to talk about the Patent when clearly, I didn’t even title anything that at all.


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No. That’s not how it works


To be fair, Tyler was stating old information that was being passed around as truth that other prominent ETN supports also believed. Unfortunately this happens and even more unfortunate is the fact that Richard, or anyone within ETN, has not been quick to diffuse. Such is the world of people outside of legal bounds and hush restrictions from lawyers.

I personally saw the video as a discussion about the sites and the ecosystem coming together beautifully…but, such as the people aspect tends to interfere, only the negative was harped on. Yes, the patent part of the video was rehashing incorrect information that had been passed around through social media chats for days. But I am giving Tyler a pass on that based on the situation he is dealing with that he outlined at the beginning of the video.

With all that said, the best way to dispel incorrect information is for the source to make a statement on it and nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Seeing the patent information was being passed around for days prior to Tyler’s video with no official response doesn’t mean he was trying to be the first to post FUD…when the video wasn’t even about that nor was he passing it out as some sort of new news. People have been fuding on that for days while no official statement was ever made refuting it. To me, that is not Tyler’s fault. He simply did not do his due diligence before stating that incorrect information…no big deal. It is not like he is like another youtuber disclosing a new country…

Anyway, no harm no foul in my book.

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Giving you a warning. Ridiculous! Keep up the great work Tyler.


Giving a Warning to one of the hardest working and passionate Electroneum contributors! Very confused and disappointed image

Anyone want to update me about this appreciate in advance


Guys and Gals,

Lets just all take a break from this discussion as it is going nowhere. I understand everyone is entitled to an opinion and having one is not a crime. In fact, we encourage meaningful conversations even if we do not agree. Unfortunately, in this space people take things at face value, often without any due diligence or fact checking. It is best we stick to the facts rather than opinions when it comes to things like the official status of the patent application.

We appreciate your hard work Tyler, but in the absence of the official word we need to remain calm and refrain from speculating as to what will and or will not happen to the patent. There maybe a reason why we have not heard anything from the team. This entire process is very time consuming and involves parties outside of Electroneum Ltd.

l believe, in all fairness it would be best we allowed the ETN Officials comment on what is really taking place in this regard. Speculation and assumptions once spoken can do the work of truth, fact are necessary and without the official word its best to remain silent as it may have an adverse effect on the situation. Lets keep the forum as factual as possible. Many people come here for the very first time.



I agree with all that. However, the documents released last week are what people have been quoting, which is fact…it is simply outdated fact which is where the problems originate from.


For the second time. THIS video was 99% about AnyTasks and TaskSchool. Literally seconds were dedicated to the Patent. I also say, via graphic, in the beginning of every single Quorra Show that everything I say is just my opinion and may be wrong.

Nothing that I have said was “Speculation and assumption”. I literally read what was on the Patent details page. I printed it out and read it. How is that Speculation??? You said you want it factual, it doesn’t get any more factual that the official document.

I agree. Let ETN come out with an Official Statement. I simply had those few seconds to tell anyone that was worried about the Patent not being Approved or the current status why it doesn’t matter. I then talked for 14 minutes about AnyTasks and TaskSchool and the Mobile Money GSMA 2018 numbers. All facts.


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