2 more shops accept ETN

In comment section of post where they announced that vendor advertising campaign has started, you can see that http://sportkinelabshop.be and www.kernthompson.com/shop started accepting ETN :slight_smile:

Awesome… do post of you find more.


Superb , more and more keep adding etn this is fantastic

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We can also track how well it’s all going bey watching the active installs and downloads here - https://wordpress.org/plugins/electroneum-instant-payments-for-woocommerce/advanced/



Cool, thanks for sharing :smiley:

It will fun to watch this now that we know that targeted marketing has started. Thanks for sharing.

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Right so much fun really, just have checked …18 downloads per day on average, I guess thanks to great advertising campaign, I’m sorry but the truth looks like this :grimacing:

if any stores come up with ETN as a payment option and you like something on there. Buy it, show some support as if they get no sales with ETN there will be no point for any of these places to support ETN.