2 500 000 let's get celebrate :)


Congratulations to all of you for the hard work. Team and all supporters. It’s small step for us but not for our target audience we can help them to make more money and have 1st contact with cryptocurency. Great keep in this direction and you all can help us to speed up the process. So talk about Electroneum everywhere :slight_smile:
And please support this tweet to have bigger audience :wink:


Congratulations to all !!!

We will rise above the rest





Congratulations ETN and Community.
Lets double it and double it again and again.
Live long and prosper to all


More than 9 times make my head crack.


I propose to give a personalized black and blue Lambo as a company car to reach $50 from all community as thanxgiving


woot woot… 3m by the end of 2018… well done :point_up_2::raised_hands::heart_eyes:


beer2 Time to celebrate!!!


Any regrets or still celebrating :slight_smile: LOL


I think this is more impressive then we have been given credit for so far, all this talk of 10s to 100s of millions of users we must not loose site of how well we have grown so far 2.5million for such a short amount of time is impressive and it only seems to be going faster I think it’s very possible we could reach 10million by next year even likely if things keep going the way they are.


Anyone have the number of user after the start from last year november?
I guess we have grown a lot since then :slight_smile:


Hi click to my name and there you find excel open in pc and explore numbers there…


Ah thanks a lot, nice document!