2.217.243 registered users and less than 130.000 mobile miners?


Why? Any one has a reason? How many of the more of 2 million accounts are fake or are abandoned? May be electroneum team can send a mail survey to the registered users to check how many of them are still alive and interested… May be we get a bad surprise…

Mobile mining working fine

…at one time. The number of unique miners during the day is alot higher.

Also remember two facts:

  • No promotion or marketing of the miner has happened yet
  • People naturally lose interest temporarily if they have no driver to own some ETN outside speculation. Hence once partnerships go live and people have places they can use ETN, i suspect a substantial amount of people will take the time and effort to ensure its running each day.


It’s been Stated in All about Tech interview that any detected fake accounts numbers are removed from total user tally. Any major platform twitter, Facebook has issue and I commend Electroneum for doing the right thing for “correct user” count. Commendable!


I’m a very active ETN app user but I don’t run mobile mining because I don’t find it necessary for me to put effort in to ensuring the mobile mining is running just to earn the $3 or so a month. I just buy from an exchange. I believe there are others like me.


I agree @BegaMutex and all the IOS users that can’t mine yet is another point why we don’t have all the people on the miner yet. :thinking:


Is not worthing the mobile miner. I mined myself around 500 etn overall since march 2018. At that time you could have some good etn/day. Nowdays you mine 1/day so is totally pointless. I stopped the miner once i bought a consistent number of etn. I use the mob application just for wallets and stuff.
I think is worth buying since the price in inexistent.
The miner is not designed for the western countries but the 3rd world.


So summarizing, are you saying that the main advantage / the patent / differential thing of this coin that is the mobile miner is only worth for 3rd world? Then, why people will prefer (when available) to pay with ETNs than with other more popular coins like BTC or LTC? I’m a bit lost now…


Please do not take the whole app. in consideration when i said 3rd world. I’m saying “the miner” only but not the whole app.
I give you 1 simple ex. which just crossed my mind. In Cuba the minimum salary/month is:
250 pesos = 13 usd. Medium salary is:
460 pesos = 20 usd.
If you use the app miner in this situation for a basic human beeing in Cuba thats nearly 1/3 of your monthly salary.
Hell no, it’s not designed for Cuba but maybe even worst countries.
From my poibt of view, since i have around 2k usd per month as salary, is not worth mining 3 usd/month.
It is designed for western countries? Yes. But not the miner. You can use the app for different duties of course.


Not sure how you made that jump. That’s not what i said nor implied Rafa. Did you perhaps mean @LordSF95 post?


seems people don’t use miner because they can buy #ETN now at very cheap price


Agree. Edited my post while you were posting.
As i stated, from my point of view. Since i have a pretty big number of etn on exchanges the miner doesen’t help. MINER, not the whole app.
Still can be used for smaller countries which are struggeling.
When etn will be worth 10 usd per coin yes, it will be a good option.


There are AT LEAST 300.000 IPhone users just waiting for the iOS app


I was lucky to be beta tester on android since then I have mined about 500 etn just for running an app… :+1::+1::+1:


Hello,put me through on how to be following the trend of chewing on how will have new user’s registering on this platform… Thanks


When (if) ETN is worth $10 per coin, people will think of all the coins they could have had but didn’t because it “wasn’t worth it”… it’s free so I might as well have it, helps to average down the price of the coins I paid over the odds for.


Yes its for poor countries - but poor countries dont hear about ETN yet is up to the team or US to say them about this opportunity to make FREE money :wink: and why we have decreasing membres of mobile miner is ONE answear - the price… We had in history over 180K in one moment from this period price dropped dramaticly - so dropped too the miners numbers to 125K…
I mined nonstop and have mined over 1500 coins and too have a lot of money but why do not use miner when its for free.


As you point out the price dropped just after we hit 180k miners and miners now at 125k, but we were told the algorithm would change to match price so as to provide a constant $3 a month. This is not happening. Maybe if this was fixed then the number of miners would go back up.

For something to be viral - it has to be good.


you must keep in mind that ETN has worked towards making sure that the number of total miners is accurate .130k is a reflection of active users and when compared to other coins and their ability to produce “active users” ETN is crushing


Yea good point - but they couldnt encrease the ammount because then you have again devaluation of price. Now we are mining about 55 milions of coins weekly most of them get ASIC miners. But after we will have some vendors accepting and list of vendors we can boost easily again the mining speed by 300% and then start marketing - and just we will see the BOOM (new membres + price) :wink:


Guys I understand your points - @porkbellylover of course we want a true reflection in the number of users
and @Mr.CryptoCZ I’m referring only to mobile miners and the payout (this is calculated by an algorithm that is supposed to adjust according to price and other variables) not the actual price of an etn coin.

My point was that if ETN held true to what was said ie. a consistent $3 per month for those mobile mining then the number of active users would no doubt increase.