1'st Paris Blockchain Day - Oct. 10th - VERY Relevant!

‘1’st Paris Blockchain Day’ is happening October 10’th. In just under 4 Hours according to Their Website.
2:50P.M. - 5:35P.M. has some very important information for Us accross key topics related to ETN.
I see Jurgita Rhodes – COO at Electroneum and ’ Jaime Abril – Principal Manager Fintech Partnerships at Vodafone Group’ on that list as well!

Check out the agenda-


:money_mouth_face: looking forward to seeing what the news is.


We can’t bet on any Official Electroneum related news Tomorrow, unfortunately. We’re all sure as hell very hopeful to get a nice bone thrown Our way though lol.

Thursday Richard Ells is scheduled for an interview, so We have that. Still the topics covered at the Paris Blockchain Day are incredibly relevant and there are some key Players in the Arena.

Here’s to hoping for some extra fuel and a little more magic to grace Us!


Very very cool. Ty for the info!