150K Price Guarantee!


NagaBeau Electroneum Price Guarantee 150k per coin!! Market Cap Guarantee 770 Trillion!!!
Active User Guarantee 2.5 Billion!!! Active Corporate user Guarantee 100 Million!!!
Get ready for the ride!!!


As I was reading this, I started grabbing the imaginary seat belt :joy::rocket:


I do not believe… 150k/Coin is crazy dude!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Your gonna be laughing all the way to the Bank!!


Finally. Good to see you here.


I hold a lot of ETN and if we ever hit a $150,000k a coin I will be a trillionaire! Wonder what the taxes are on a trillion dollars? :thinking: PS posted your Fugazi video on the community forum! Love your sentiment about this coin!


I guess it’s possible if ETN is pegged to the US dollar and the US dollars happens to appreciate to a staggering exchange rate


I didn’t realize that NagaBeau was spelled as the French would spell it. I thought it was NagaBo. Is the Naga Tribe from the South of France?


The Entire Earth Belong to the Naga…France Included


maybe he thinks 150 000 satoshis :smiley:


I will take 150, 1,500, 15,000 and hell even 150,000 satoshis at this point! All those number make me happy no matter what! :slight_smile:


1500 satoshis would be the new ATH maybe next year if everything go well and we have some great partners and strong marketing and worlwide use of millions of participants :wink:


Depend on what the price of BTC is. If we have 1500sats and BTC is worth $1000usd, not going to be a high price for us at all. Now if we have $100,000usd BTC, we can hit all time record price at 150 sats! So maybe NagaBeau and you are both right! We will be 150,000 sats and BTC will be like a 1 Billion Dollars each! lol



Are you an imposter ? btw you forgot the :slight_smile:

Poe’s law


Per coin?
Thats just impossible.


Maybe not impossible but maybe something only you great great grandchildren will see or if we get hyper inflation when a loaf of bread is like $50,000usd but you are either going to have to wait 100-200 years or everything in the world is going to go to hell to see that price. I will stick with his Fugazi prediction of $35 first! :wink:


Anything is possible but 150k is insane haha would be amazing but insane im already happy when it reaches 1$, 5$ or even 10$ or who knows Fugazi’s 35$ one day :rocket::blush: ETN to the moon and beyond i would say :wink:


All its possible :wink: I know its too insane but… always have that but … :smiley:


:rofl::rofl: they be dreaming of 150k per coin