10000 mobile miners stopped in last 24hrs

Does anyone know why so many people have stopped mining or is my screen just for show

Once this KYC/Yoti thing fully kicks in where people mining will have to prove they are a real Person, i fully expect that the Number of Mobile Miners will drop considerably.
Knowing the greed of our Human Nature leads me to believe that there are people out there finding ways to emulate mining on devices which are not real and one person could literally be showing up as 1000 miners just to get a ton more ETN than what they are entitled to.
I see it as a good thing if this happens as the people whom i suspect are doing this probably sent all their ETN to an Exchange and sell them for BTC or ETH etc.
The sooner this happens the better.


Thanks ColinSTE for this explanation, I agree it is a good thing to eliminate centralized mobile mining lol…I was curious, I’ll keep mobile mining because this is the only way I can get crypto, otherwise I’d pay cash for it over the counter, it’d be a lot faster and easier if this was an option for me. I do believe crypto currency will help make a good future for all though, so I want to support it in my little way lol

Curious and curiouser, is there a big disparity between those who can buy, and those who mine, and mobile miners would be at the low end of the scale?.. And perhaps there are more unbanked in first world countries that is apparent?

Just an after thought, if it wasn’t for greed we wouldn’t be here and comparing now to a hundred years ago, I think we are in a very good place :grinning:

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Yeah just now is Definitely the right time to tighten the Reigns. The masterplan of sprinkling a little ETN all around the world only works if people aren’t taking the pi$$ out of the distribution process.

Hopefully people don’t see this as real users leaving the MM, and cast judgement as it being a bad thing, because it certainly isn’t through my eyes.

Its a good thing that they flush out the people who try to mine with 20 phones or try to cheat the system ETN should be givin to people that want to gain Some extra or want to use it in the future or that really need it like the unbanked people and all those people deserve a piece of to ETN pie i find cheaters and such don’t belong with Electroneum So Its good that they get flush them out of the system :face_with_monocle: