1000 vendors invited in to API instant pay BETA


Go go ETN! The dream become reality!


Great honor, much appreciated!

Looking forward to start implementing a few lines of code and get balls rolling, Electroneum!

Impressive work and guidance so far. Ty!



Hope everyone can do their KYC smoothly and finds a vendor near them. I WOULD LOVE TO BUY SOMETHING WITH ETN!!!


Goodjob Richard and the ETN team keep up the good work Im super excited about the instant Payment system this is going to change a lot for electroneum! :sunglasses: :rocket:


Agree, the homepage should contain more information like this.


Congratulations Team. Big things coming hopefully in the next 6 months.


a community app would be choice though!! i must admit!


Well done Richard. Excellent work and keep it Sir. We are so excited about Electroneum for what the co. stands for and what together we have achieved in less than a year. Future is bright…


when hitbtc listing ?




Another piece in the puzzle :slight_smile: onwards and upwards!!!ETN to the MOOOOON!!!


We aiming for mars now @Storm :rocket:


Hah, just Mars? Last I heard we were going to fast to land there. Andromeda Galaxy here we come. :+1:


Nah the Ells galaxy @Nicolas is the last stop!


they always say that they are going to list but never do …may be because ETN team is not serious and are not pressurizing @hitbtc


lol man :slight_smile: ETN team is extremely serious and they’ve achieved a lot since launch. Also Kucoin way better and ETN is live there.


Are you Really saying this…???


If i need to send my coins from wallet to an exchange then also do i need to do KYC and if yes den how?