1000 vendors invited in to API instant pay BETA


congrulation mr.richard and the whole team thank you for your hard working. i made instant transaction yesterday and it was awasome feeling!!! wish you the best <3


Maybe. It doesn’t matter really. He has a crush on ETN anyway, so that’s enough for me. :slight_smile:


A true leader, leads from the front and not the rear. What’s more important than in house PR with the investors who believe in the objectives from the very beginning?


At first, these goals they set seemed at least a bit farfetched. But in time we were proven that they are just spot on! And this is just the beginning!


Greats @ETNCEO you are the best

  I agree with you. I too am upset that it didnt remain a privacy coin but I know how to read the terrain and adjust to changing demands. A "monero" version of etn's instant payment system would have been great. However, thats currently unlikely to happen because kyc isnt easy to get around, especially if the aim is global mass adoption. So I dont see a way to get around kyc BUT I do see a way for people to exchange some of their etn for bitcoin if its that big of a deal. While I understand that we're not out of the woods yet, foundation pillars such as this one will absolutely shore up the coin and etn's community. We shouldnt be seeing too many more, "ETN is a scam coin," fud videos.

  Also, it didnt escape my notice that the team announced the app was going offline, only just before they did the update. Good call, etn team, for not saying anything until they were sure they could release a stable, working version of the update. This release was well done and I hope they continue to do it this way in the future. (There arent enough people acknowledging how well this update went, in my opinion)


I love Electroneum!! I love Richard


Great news and a great update - well done Team ETN :slight_smile:


Certifiable is probably closer - but yes - it’s me! I’m going to try and spend a bit more time around this forum - I did spend some time on Telegram in the old days, but it got too crazy, and disorganised. Hopefully here we can create something incredible - and more long lasting than telegram (in terms of posts - not telegram itself!)



It’s organised, and the design is well chosen for spending 24/7 on it. :smiley:


I’m working on a Woocommerce plugin as we speak. Should be ready soon…


So excited to see this coming to fruition @ETNCEO ! I wanted to say congratulations to you and the team and a job well done on all your hard work. Proud to be a member of this community and can’t wait to see what comes in the future for Electroneum.


Congrats for one more achievement to team ETN.:handshake:




Thanks. It’ll be nicer to have the API documentation on the official website too in the future.


Great job @ETNCEO and all of ETN team!


But still we investors are in huge loss , so do something which can attract some more real investors and not dumpers. I understand that every market is down but #etn is too dumped and too hard to recover to its all time high . Investors are lossing hope , and still its not listed on #hitbtc.


Personally want to thank you for taking your precious to time interact with us. When I see you and ETN team online it feels like Wyatt Earp and his posse just walked into town and are going to bring some law and order to this wild west town of Crypto! :wink:


We just got instant payment system released which is absolutely revolutionary. We are in the worst alt coin bear markets of all time and our price will soar when we get out this horrible market. The ETN team is doing things that if were were in Bull market would cause our price to shoot up so fast that it would make your head spin. This bear market may last a few more week, months, or even maybe years. I have been in Crypto since 2013 and I held coins for years before they mooned, if you don’t have the patience to wait years then I would strongly suggest you invest in some other form of investment. This is not a get rich quick scheme and things will improve in time.


Yes! HODLER here since the beginning…