1000 vendors invited in to API instant pay BETA


This is super exciting - we’ve been working on this for nearly a year! It gives vendors around the world the ability to accept cryptocurrency (ETN) INSTANTLY via their shop tills or via their ecommerce websites. It’s a true game changer and is the next evolutionary step in getting a cryptocurrency adopted and used in an everyday environment. Electroneum is proud to announce…

Our new Instant Payment API is now OPEN for vendors around the world to start implementing! We are currently in BETA mode - so you’ll need to apply if you’d like to be part of it - but soon it will be fully open to each and every Electroneum user around the world.

We’ve just invited the first 1000 BETA applicants to start testing the code. I have my fingers crossed that some of them will be implementing fast! Let’s see who will be first!

If YOU would like to implement ETN in to your online store, or retail premises, it’s easy to apply to be a BETA tester. Please note that BETA testers are still using REAL ETN in the REAL world! The long awaiting Electroneum Instant Payment API system is LIVE! Apply here:

The instructions for use are here: https://community.electroneum.com/t/using-the-etn-instant-payment-api/121#top

If you have comments or questions about using or implementing the API please post them in this category.

Have a GREAT day everyone!


A few months ago people started to get a little skeptical about ETN, but we all should understand that a good product is not created overnight.
Way to go Richard!


congrats team! good job


don’t forget you can change your screen name - it’s not very pretty at the moment! No offence meant if your name really is a46d780ca9c84529.


You have my full trust and support. You are really doing a great job. Keep it up. I am glad to be a part of this journey :slight_smile:


Great news! I do hope the kyc process can be simplified in the future. Many users report being unable to do yoti in their country.
Maybe you guys want to look into other kyc providers like lexisnexis or thomson reuters


This is massive Richard. Congrats on this major achievement!


We had to roll out in soft launch to get feedback, and I assure you we are working on it all. Most people around the world have to do KYC to allow them to have a phone, so the possibility of sharing KYC data from operators is also on the cards. We will have a solution for EVERYONE. Nobody will be left out! Have a great day!



Quick question. You are really Richard himself or just an ETN team member?
I guess Richard would have many other better things to do than chat with us…I suppose. :slight_smile:


Amazing news etn will not be a coin, but the Coin.


Exactly I have thought the same :thinking:


One thing I’ve noticed, is that the process was fairly easy for me to submit my passport. However, my son is a minor without a passport or drivers license. He has a state issued photo id and a military dependant photo id. The accepted forms of id should be expanded to accept other forms of identification.

P.s. So glad I held, feeling sorry for the people who allowed fud to influence their buying/selling decisions.


Thank you very much for the prompt response Richard. I really appreciate it and I look forward to a great future for our project.


Still cool to think it is indeed him. From all the videos he shared with us, I remembered his greatest quality: the passion he puts into this project. And given this passion, it is perfectly believable that it’s him and nobody else.


We’re not out of the woods yet, not by far, but the current path is right.
Of course a lot of people were upset that it didn’t remain a privacy coin, but in this market every project that wants to persist, has to adapt, and that is what ETN has done.

The force is strong with you, young ETN padawan!


I have a GREAT day everytime when i see my balance in miner is encreasing and numbers of users skyrocket. If the numbers of vendors grows too very RAPIDLY from 1 000 to 10 000 till the end of YEAR I will be the happiest man in the world :smiley: :wink:


I’m very exicited for this amazing project!

Time to start marketing, sometimes it feels like nobody in the market knows about the awesome
technology behind ETN.

Greets and good luck


That is the Genuine Certified Sir Richard Ells!


I don’t believe Richard is OBE just yet . . .


But he will be some day, no doubt