100 NRG earndrop (free $900+)

i got 4 rewards in the first 24 hours of 2.28 nrg each time. This is looking like a good coin to buy into actually. Huge inflation but the design of the project is way cool. I think they are going to do very well. They have a huge ambition with it too.

You got FOUR rewards in the first 24 hours?! WOW! I have recieved 3 in a month and a half. That is some nice luck! Congrats!

yeah the timing was 11am 530 830 and 11 pm weird then nothing all night lets see how it averages out I guess. its up another 12% today

up 20% today - man you really did me a solid putting your referral here haha no staking rewards yet today though but i know its up and down

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NRG has the best referral bonus I’ve ever seen in any project…it was a no brainer.

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NRG at $5.57


The earndrop is still going on for those in eligible countries. Go to the original post above, click the link and follow the instructions.

You get 100 NRG coins for doing some KYC and all the easy social media posts. Very very easy to do. It’s a free $557 at current price.

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I just bought more coins - the monthly returns are awesome . with a price increase someone could live off this coin haha

I know someone that has a NRG master node and IS living off of it…lol

yeah now that I totally believe the staking and inflation is fantastic - this project will be a winner with the way they have set it up

looks like round 2 and 3 are finished now and they are doing a global round for other countries that is only 5k people I believe. I just sold our all my ark and went all in with energi the price is pumping and isn’t going to stop… already 150 dollars in rewards in less than a week…

I don’t see round 2 and 3 as being over. Where do you see that?

I am not sure if they have updated certain parts of the website - someone i know confirmed it this morning my referral doesn’t work and it says 2 and 3 complete when he tried to use it. There was also some chatter in the discord about it ending

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strangely my friend has a link that works so who knows. maybe depends on what country the person is in

$7.56 wow

…if the earndrop is actually still working, that’s a free $756

yeah its nuts man I am loving this - I sold all my other coins today haha this is the only coin actually doing anything now lol Got 6.84 coins reward today 50 dollars usd in one day from staking. I took a nap and woke up with 3 rewards within 45 mins.

Hooow?! I have gotten 4 stakes total in a month and a half…

$8.32 now…

well i must be lucky but I bought a lot of coins i guess and also you can split the coins to make the staking better 500 - 1000 coins per stake is good apparently. Just ask the support on the discord. I ended getting 5 payouts today but maybe tomorrow nothing. it can be random.

Ah, based on that response then it is safe to say you put a while lot more money in than I did. I only bought a handful to test staking.

Yeah i sold what i had and got NRG. The staking will be awesome as the price goes up I can make enough to live on really easily. I will have to buy back my etn sometime but for now there is no point with this doing so well … never seen a project move like this one and no one sells because they all love it - there is no pump and dump with NRG. The staking is so good its better to hold

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Sky rocketing, now at 9.37 after the Bitbns listing

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