100 NRG earndrop (free $900+)

I normally don’t post things like this…but it’s a no brainer.

If you live in one of the eligible countries, it’s completely worth you doing this KYC backed earndrop that NRG is doing. You can get 100 coins and each one is worth ~$2.22 as I type this…that’s a free $222.

Full disclosure, this is a referral link…so if you hate referrals just drop the ref part off the link. But if you do sign upand you saw it because of this post, I would really appreciate if you use it:)


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i did it - lets see if anything happens

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It took four or five days to get the initial verification. I am now verified with 92 NRG with 8 more still pending.

And the price keeps rising :slight_smile:

cool - sounds great - I will keep an eye on it - thanks for the heads up

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I’ll give this a go tomorrow as I’m out or the day. Cheers

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My pleasure. I am just so happy someone else made me aware of it! It is nice to get free money, especially when that money is appreciating as the market goes up!


I just had a look at their website and videos etc. It looks like a decent project to keep an eye on. Better than most anyway.

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Switzerland is not in the list. Shame.

I believe there will be a global round when round 2 and 3 are over. I can’t confirm that but was told by someone they read it somewhere. :frowning:

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wow, NRG up to $2.44. That’s amazing. $244 for taking 30 minutes to do some simple KYC and setup your Coinomi wallet (if you don’t already have one). This is one of the most brilliant promotions I’ve seen any project do…what’s even more brilliant is the had no ICO or pre-mine. In the first year they were a minable coin. They mined 4 million of their own coin along with everyone else mining at the time for the specific purpose of this earndrop program. I have to applaud them on that.

NRG is still holding strong…the more I look into this project the more I like it and the earndrop is still going for thos eligible countries.

I actually bought some last night to stake. I love free coins…especially free promising coins!

If you haven’t registered for your free 100 NRG coins, you can do so via the link on the top of this post.

It’s pumping! I just got my KYC passed so that is good news. Looks like a few months to recieve the coins though. But the project is looking solid at least.

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Wow, that was a long verification wait!

Yeah took ages. It will payoff eventually I guess. Just wait and see.

Man up 25% today. I want to buy in but can’t do it for another week. What will the price be then…

No idea. I am not even paying attention to it. I bought 40 at $2 just to get some coins to stake until I get the 100+referrals from the earndrop.

Nice one. The way the price is climbing and the low coin volume makes it look like a good investment right now

I bought a bunch of NRG coins today. Are you staking in the desktop wallet? It looks like you can sync the coinomi wallet with the desktop wallet for staking. Not sure how reliable that will be though. There is a calculater foe stakimg rewards. It looks like a good investment this coin.

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Yes, I am staking in the windows wallet. I do not trust any third party to do anything on my behalf in any way shape or form

Cool I finally got my home internet working again after moving house so I have the windows wallet syncing up now. I chatted with one cool guy on discord who helped a lot. The staking rewards look pretty sweet. Better than ARK and certainly better than just holding a coin that does nothing…

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