🎉 10 X ETN comunity Top up 100 MB for South Africa

Hello all users of top up function. :earth_africa:
I opened this thread, because I would like to Top UP 10 people in south Africa with 100MB package.

If you are from south Africa and you are using this function please comment below where are you from.
And later if you are selected you will have to share your phone number in private message.
:heavy_dollar_sign:OUR budget::heavy_dollar_sign:

2764 ETN - Jernej
100 ETN - Dr_Jan_Itor
100 ETN - DaSonixier
1000 ETN - KarEnTam
505 ETN - unknown
300 ETN - Superduker990
111 ETN - Treeleaf
511 ETN - Hauser
200 ETN - wTz1
250 ETN - The-Magic-Man
13 ETN - unknown
133 ETN - unknown
100 ETN - unknown
1200 ETN - unknown
500 ETN - unknown
200 ETN - Garuda
7500 ETN - unknown
200 ETN - unknown

Together 16687 ETN

If somebody else from ETN community would like to donate some ETN to the cause, this is my ETN address. Of course all ETN will be used for TOP UPS. And every donation will be marked here:

Winners will be selected on 30.3.2019. :smiley:


Just correct the heading from Sauth Africa to South Africa

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Thank you for correction.

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You should share this on social media and SA forums. Focus only on the etn community it’s good but the all-world it’s better.


I have to say this is very kind of you…

but beware of false opportunists…

Well done @Jernej


Thats a wonderful gesture @Jernej.


This is why I will top them up from my app. Where only the unlimited phone numbers are accepted, and only real users will receive package. I wont send ETN but I will bought package for them. This is plan. :smiley:


Nice !!!

Great thinking …

Kindness goes a long way …

Well done my friend…




Nice. See if some find theyr way here

Jerne I am from South Africa, I post earlier about the new cellphone presented by Electroneum, maybe a joint operation? I will see how many phone I can buy, get sponsored and you can top them up with airtime? For me is to get it to people (the un-banked) who would really benefit from it?


Celebrate South Africa and the Electoneum M1 phone with all South Africa posters and ETN Gift Card on sale at ETN Gift Cards with promo code etnmwc




Great idea @Jernej! :+1:

Can you add a screenshot of your wallet address QR code so my phone can scan it? Might make it easier for others too using their phones.

Thank you for proposal. Just anded QR code to description.

Thanks, ETN away!

(It’s not much, but it’ll help. :grinning:)

Thank you. Just added you in description as contributor.

I’m heading straight to South Africa so i can be part,
How i wish they partners with vodafone Ghana soon
I can’t wait

Their internet packages are very very expensive,
In my country 5g =5000mb monthly internet is about 250 etns.
We still complain coz even 250 etns is a lot for 1 month of 5g data

I just wonder if s1 is unbanked, how can he buy etn?!

Donated :slight_smile: i think this is a nice idea and small support is always possible. For the community and the project!


Donated 100 ETN!

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