10 of the top 81 exchanges have actual volume

and we are listed on NOT ONE of them.

So its got me thinking that this might be the reason why it costs so much to get listed on the exchanges, because they are real and the rest are a bunch of dodgy exchanges with very few employees.

I dont know but maybe its not such a bad Idea for the team to look into this and get us on some SEC recommended exchanges.

Just a thought. I mean after cryptopia, who will be the next exchange that ETN is listed on that goes down.

I have been calling this for over a year. If the Dow Jones have a M.cap of over 6 trillion and a daily volume of 400m ish, it would be CRAZY that cryptos have tens of billions. A lot of times our total crypto volume is half of the total market cap, which makes no sense for our prices to remain stable with that kind of volume. Its all washed volumes.

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I would be a very happy panda if we got on Bittrex…just say’n

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Weren’t we supposed to get list on Gemini? Might recall wrong.

But yeah I agree, it’s due time we get listed on a legitimate exchange (EVEN) if that is not our target, it would probably and most likely still benefit us pretty decently in the greater scheme of things. Coinbase / binance / Bitstamp all three of them honestly.

Coinbase for companies, bitstamp for traders and binance also for traders aswell as to get our coins into more traders hodl hands.

Personally I think that these investments and prioritise will help us alot, even if it isn’t our main goal and target it can and probably would help us in many ways in the already existing crypto community. And if we can gain back the vast majority of this spheres trust, it will per automatic be easier to get the trust from outside of the sphere.

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Something needs to change. The sentiment is dwindling.

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Who, the 1% who are in crypto? Let them hate. They have no idea how to integrate cryto with the remaining 99%. At least Electroneum has a planned ecosystem to do just that. It is unhealthy to be over sensitive to the crypto experts in social media. Corporate investors care nothing for Twitter and Telegram FUDers.


Very true, almost got caught ofguard I must say .
Thanks for the headbump so to speak,

Wisely spoken

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ETN investors are the 1% of the 1% :grin:

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