10 Hours of work for a fully functional Electroneum accepted ecommerce website


I gave our new payment system a test, and I absolutely love it.

In less than 10 painless hours, I managed to setup a fully functional Electroneum accepted ecommerce website, thanks to:

10 hours later…


Was born, sorry no https yet :sweat_smile:


Its a good thing to have so many people in this space with such a vast variety of talents.
I dont have the skillset for the type of incredibly valued work you put into this project continuously.
Thanks enormous, well done. :heart:


Thank you for the kind words,… most of all hard work was done by the developers, mainly the two I mentioned and also there are more contributors

If you need help putting one together Ill be glad to help, don’t hesitate to ask. I may write a guide soon.

All of this mentioned above comes 100% Free, and we should get better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I ve got a friend coming back from the ocean shortly.
She has a stall at festivals and markets in her time off.
Shes keen to get into Electroneum.
Im sure this would be perfect for her.
Theres actually quite a few in the space that would really go for what she sells.
It also supports a community in Peru who manufacture the items.


cuddlesquid I ill be soooo glad if you can help me!! please? Thanks!


Could potentially help some :slight_smile:


Could try, what happened?


I am a Natural Health practitioner, need to offer my services on webpage to accept ETN as well? I am visualy impaired and try to create a page on Wix, hehe, took me almost 2 months, but give up at the end! So, I need someone who can create a page for me linked to ETN plugin?


Alright Ill help you, but first remove your email from the post above and send me a private message with your Discord name, get Discord if you don’t have one.

If you don’t know how to send private message, just click on my portrait and click blue Message button.


I would like to make a suggestion, buy some different kinds of keychains in bulk and sell them on your website individually and probably you only want to offer regular USPS shipping at first until you figure out what you really want to sell.

There are keychains that people want to buy but they can’t get them unless they buy like 100 pieces or more so what you could do with your store is start selling those keychains individually. Maybe you could even get one of these bulk keychain sellers to get a manufacturer to make an Electroneum keychain.

edit: Here is another idea - buy one of these https://glowforge.com/ and buy some bulk blank keychains like maybe this https://www.deluxe.com/products/custom/square-metal-key-chain/37136/ and laser engrave people’s Electroneum QR code public key on to it as one offs and you could probably charge $15 for them.


Hey this is a neat idea! Im not sure what exactly will end up on it, but I am very interested to come up with something awesome and possibly beneficial. Thank you!

Very cool!