10,000 Free ETN Giveaway!


I will giveaway random amounts in this thread from now until Nov. 15th

10,000 Total. The amounts i will send will be random. between 100 - 1000 ETN

Not everyone will get some, but im sure some of the people who do will post.

I have giving away over 100,000 ETN to date randomly after this

2 Things you have to do!
***Post your ETN Public QR code or Address
***Type a reply on why you like Electroneum


There is no catch, I been a trader and investor for many years & its nice to randomly give back or help others. Our price has been low so i figured i would cheer some people up and giveaway some ETN before it creeps back up so it will be worth even more for you :slight_smile:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Is this a camouflage?


I truly believe ETN will replace Fiat in the future, instant payment is a great feature which no one else have at this stage especially with these low rates.



i love ETN because they are giving the unbanked people the opportunity to improve their live and making it easier.


Good job dude .yeap I’m infatuated in ETN cuz I know qrypto world as a good and I’m in almost the 50 coin in thr market , firstly actually I saw what can team , youth,Good gathering community would make by electroneum and I’m really Glade and happy to be one of this magnificent project . secondly other coins doesn’t have good goals for the world future and especially for unbanked people , mobile operator world and other big problems in qrypto curnices .By ETN me as a college I started my own project and started to help people to know this coin eventually by solving our days problems by sending or received money and all other delays .so if you loved and infatuated in some thing that helps you in reality that is it .at the end I would rather say I’m not looking about the price of our best coin ETN like other people and FUDS we are with ETN till infinity (more than infinity :wink:) by the way I would rather to thank every body who works for that sake and really especial thanks to all ETN team hopefully we will be the number one coin in the world we trust and believe that what ever happened best thanks and regards from Turkey :kissing_heart:


Hey, thx for the opportunity, it never hurts to amass more of ETN. There isn’t too much philosophy about it. ETN brought me into the crypto world, its easy enough to use so much that I managed to bring some people into it previously very sceptic about the whole idea. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it as the means in the future.



My only way out! I am blind, in my country, people with disability don’t get jobs very easy! So, when introduce to ETN, I know with my whole heart, this is my way out. So, my dream is to one day meet all the wonderful people of this forum! Not if but when :slight_smile:


I passed the etn on that I received , to some one who needed it more than I did.

Thanks for this generosity


-Mobile Mining




You’re the man :sunglasses:




ETN will change the world and improve the financial lives of many. I love the fact that we all can be a part of the movement of this project even if we only just have a smart phone and can’t buy any we can get it free by Mining it.


Thanks for helping others :slight_smile:



Electroneum convinced me because of its simplicity, idea to get everyone involed and great team comunication with the community. Looking forward to grow with this coin and watching it do change in the world for the better!




Focus on the 99%. Simplicity. Mobility. Instant Transactability (word?). Excellent team with business focus, not just crypto/blockchain. So many great things!



Hey I’m just a regular guy with a freaky cripto friend, he recommend me electroneum and this forum and now i both small stash, mining and checking the forum all day, I think I got some kind of addiction from looking the charts. :slight_smile:
Have fun guys!




I like etn because it is unique and mobile based miner is also unique.


I really believe in ETN. I think they will achieve mass adoption because is easy to use and mobile based.




Electroneum has a great future due to it’s great team and their instant payment system.


Electroneum have a great project, a great team and also very important to me: a great community. We are global. Oh, and they have a lightning bolt in their logo, who doesn’t love a lightning bolt?



The world needs a valuta that has the power of the owners behind. I think the Etn team has the right project, and i know that cashflow among the unbanked, microcredit and a valuta not in the hands of corrupt is the way to continue the rise of wealth in less rich areas. Trade and investing is the key.
For myself also, i will be able to spread prospherity to others.
If i win, i will donate the ETN to the pokerclub bonus to spread the word, as i have done already.
(Ps, im limited answers, due to a rough humor of chickens and cocks.)