1 year low Electroneum coin


The price of 1 electroneum coin is decreasing, it is not stable and this really affects the emocial ethn fans in selling ETN assets


Not in here hahhaa most of us are hodlers , good things are coming . Father time is on our side


Yes Ill have to agree with you there Professor Chris.
Were all buyers and holders…
We never sell based on our emotion.
We hold based on our emotion.


Dam you got a silver tongue , a much better interpretation … :grin:


I have no hands on my clock


But is time not just a constant ? :shushing_face:

I like to say

Provehito in altum… ( That’s what etn is all about )


Yes Professor that is correct.
We stay still as constant points while space expands around us giving time.
So that might be yes and no.
Is that okay?



Who knows :wink:


You can speculate, us it like a saving or buy something with it, there is no right or wrong. My personal opinion is that the price still got a bumpy ride for a time, and i expect it to go up and far beyond all time high. On that journey people will come and go. For me the price at this point is underpriced and of less interest. I want the ETN system to be more developed, but bear in mind that this coin at this stage is the most developed coin in the industri. We are having the best coin at the absolute best price and it is a question of time before it goes up. I agree that the emotional effect of losing value makes some sale the coin. Happy days


But when they sell they are going to regret that , like the bitcoin pizza dude…

I bet everytime he eats :pizza: he has a :disappointed_relieved: or 2


yeah, this is a very interesting (and somewhat obscure) thread (bookmarked)

Please tell us more @0d690e2e4f0f960ec4a4
What do you think of electroneum’s future ?

Doom or Moom^hn ? :smiley:


Diversity is a part of life and money…


We chose what we want ! but is it the correct decision , never make a brash decision based on panic , prices rise and prices fall in the end win or lose

We tried , we never gave up on what we believe in…


It’s best that weak hands and emotional people wise up to this space, it’s not designed to cater for idiots. Sell high buy low, never trade on emotion, hodl on or you may lose your only chance of riding a rocket to the moon in your life time, one week will make a pimp, 5 years will make a tycoon. Plenty of good advice in here if you ask me.