1 Billion Market cap Coming!


1 Billion market cap is on way guys…

We just need to hit $0.125 at current coin circulation.


I like the way you think


I think its very doable mate.


Positive. That great we are waiting


As of today we just need a 5x increase in price. It is nothing unheard of, in the crypto space. Definitively doable, in my humble opinion


For sure. Lets face it who else has a working product in the crypto space right now? Almost no one. Pretty soon the main stream economy will crash. Companies like ETN with working product will do very well to fill the space in the loss of confidence in banks. I don’t worry about this. It is only now beginning. Two years from now things will be very very different.


thats means we will achieve almost 2 bil as our all time high was around 23cent


We already did another 5x increase in price over the past week, so in 2 months, we could be even higher than 10x at current price point.


hit 1000sts again and breakout


It will surely need all community member to join together and fight against dumpers. No selling from any one


I will never sell! Priceiwse, I think that the real wall will be 500 Satoshi